Color flair and sustainability for DOTZ


Color flair and sustainability for DOTZ

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, DOTZ launches its SS 22, a footwear collection that best expresses, through the use of color, all the joy de vivre, lightness and spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

A past in cooperation and fashion, a shoemaker present, for Rodrigo Doxandabarat, co-founder with Anderson Presoto of the Brazilian brand inspired by key concepts such as: diversity, empathy and plurality; born with the aim of producing in an innovative, sustainable way and promoting the creation of shared value.

Everything revolves around a genderless and timeless single product: a moccasin with a dry silhouette and a high fashion content, made with 100% ecological cotton produced by family businesses founded by small local farmers, 100% textile residues from the world of decor but also with domestic and industrial waste, partially packaged by women living in favelas.

Cooperation, collaboration, sustainability and controlled management of the economic cycle are the key words, the four “dotz” that summarize and represent, even graphically, the brand.

Printed on shoes, boxes and labels and combined in different ways, the “dotz” invite you to discover new paradigms. All shoes are numbered and made in a limited edition precisely because they are upcycling. The shapes are Made in Italy. The soles, made in four bright colors: orange, blue, fuchsia and lime, bear the brand motto ” Olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça ”, borrowed from the song Garota de Ipanema. Packaging and tags are produced through the reuse of toothbrushes and razors, while the dust bags are always in 100% cotton.

The new collection is created through the use of twenty-four fabrics – collected traveling all over Brazil – graphic and hyper-colored and is built through four models baptized with names that come from Pataxo an indigenous dialect of the state of Bahia in the north-east of Brazil: KUPARAKA (a moccasin with maxi bow made with yarns from the textile industry), PUHUY (an iconic moccasin with tassels), JACY (a slim and tapered loafer) and APONEM (a classic mule enriched with tassels, the stylistic figures of brand, produced with waste from its own production).

The inspiration of the new collection, or more correctly the reference macroframe constructed post-research, refers to the Pataxo Indians as well as the color palette, both classic and exotic. The rigor of the project contrasts with all the lightness of a product that explodes through color.

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