Portugal’s jewellery makers meet London’s creative scene


Portugal’s jewellery makers meet London’s creative scene

A centuries-old industry renewed by design and global ambition: discover the new ‘hidden gem’ of fashion jewellery.

Jewellery Creative Connect Portugal’s jewellery makers meet London’s creative scene

AORP – the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association organized an evening event at the Portuguese embassy during London Fashion Week . Presenting six exceptional and carefully selected jewellery brands; Arte Nova Jewellery, Cinco, Fiordy Studio, Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery, Mesh and Museu da Filigrana, this showcase invited attendees to explore the excellence of Portuguese artisanship.

Iolo Edwards, the Editor-in-Chief of ‘High Fashion Talk’ , a global community and leading digital fashion publication, was exclusively partner with AORP for this special occasion.

Gathering London’s creative scene and bridging the cross-cultural gap, this media partner curate a transnational exchange by pairing each of the Portuguese brands with key London- based talents.

As ‘Made in Portugal’ is cementing its prominent positioning within the global creative arena, there is one rising star that promises to make an impact: Portuguese jewellery. A “newcomer” with a centuries-old legacy, its distinctive appeal is making a global impact.

With the uniqueness of craftsmanship, passed down through generations dedicated to the art of jewellery making, and the contemporary visions of a new generation of brands and designers, Portuguese jewellery merges tradition with innovation .

Portugal’s jewellery makers meet London’s creative scene

This industry event at the Portuguese embassy l feature each of the remarkable brands by displaying their unique qualities as excellent jewellery makers. Miguel Bento, a distinguished Portuguese creative, realising the set-design of the exhibition.

Featured on the official London Fashion Week schedule, key industry attendees gather to celebrate Portuguese know-how and creativity, aiming to encourage future collaborations, across borders


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