Chanel L’Eau de Mousse


Chanel L’Eau de Mousse

With L’EAU DE MOUSSE, CHANEL adds a new dimension of pleasure and well-being to cleansing, an act of self-care that promotes healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

CHANEL has transformed the indispensable ritual of cleansing and makeup removal into an opportunity for well-being with its collection of makeup removers and cleansers. The formulas are suitable for all skin types, with textures designed to fulfill every woman’s wishes. Now, CHANEL is expanding its collection with the addition of a delightfully effective source of pleasure: L’EAU DE MOUSSE.

An incredible sensory experience

With a simple pump of the bottle’s dispenser, the water transforms into a smooth, creamy foam, delivering instant moisture and a feeling of freshness. Its soft, enveloping texture is like a caress on the face, eliminating the need to scrub the skin and thus reducing the risk of irritation. A marvel for those with sensitive skin.

An expert, gentle cleanser.

The soap-free, sulfate-free micellar formula of L’EAU DE MOUSSE combines mild, plant-derived cleansing agents and an amino acid derivative to gently remove impurities from the skin. Pollution particles, UV filters, excess sebum and dead skin cells are no match for it.

The products in THE CLEANSING COLLECTION all contain a combination of two marine-based active ingredients that respect the skin’s delicate balance: pollution-fighting blue microalgae and fortifying marine salicornia extract. L’EAU DE MOUSSE is also enriched with remineralizing, soothing marine spring water, which is bursting with essential minerals. Clean and clear, skin immediately feels fresher, looks more luminous, and is ready for the rest of your skincare routine.

An instant pleasure to use, this delicate water provides daily care for the skin. Day after day, it looks more beautiful and glows with health.

A scientific and technological innovation in one.

L’EAU DE MOUSSE is the product of a close collaboration between science and design, uniting the expertise of the Laboratory of Formulation with the craftsmanship of the Packaging Development Department. Its tailor-made bottle was specially designed to dispense the innovative, self-foaming formula. To this effect, CHANEL offers a miniature pump that guarantees an exceptionally soft, dense, high-quality foam. A true technical feat that further facilitates application.

A well-being booster, a moment of pleasure.

Surprising and playful in texture, ultra-gentle and subtly scented L’EAU DE MOUSSE will become an essential part of your beauty routine, day after day.

For best results, lightly massage onto damp skin every morning and evening, then rinse. L’EAU DE MOUSSE can also be used in tandem with its forebear, LA MOUSSE, whose recognized quality and effectiveness inspired the creation of the former: Start your morning with the gentle creaminess of L’EAU DE MOUSSE, and end the day with light, purifying LA MOUSSE.

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