Louis Vuitton presents the project Artycapucines

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Louis Vuitton presents the project Artycapucines

Six new internationally renowned contemporary artists offer their unique vision of Louis Vuitton's timeless female icon

Louis Vuitton | Capucines 2021

For the third limited edition of Louis Vuitton’s Artycapucines Collection, the Capucines bag reinvents itself once again and showcases the unbridled creativity of internationally renowned artists.

For this new series, Gregor Hildebrandt, Donna Huanca, Huang Yuxing, Vik Muniz, Paola Pivi and Zeng Fanzhi in turn transform the “blank canvas” of the famous bag named after rue Neuve-des-Capucines, the first Parisian address of the Maison in 1854.

The six new models affirm more than ever the collection’s unique ability to combine the aesthetic sensibility and creativity of the artists with the savoir-faire and ingenuity of the Maison’s master craftsmen.

Gregor Hildebrandt’s stunning black and white version combines screen-printed leather and LV signature inlaid with vinyl records. Donna Huanca proposes a charming tactile bag, decorated with intense hand-painted embroidery. For his part, the artist Huang Yuxing illustrates his Capucines with a colorful imaginary landscape enriched with precious embroideries. Faithful to his mischievous style, Vik Muniz signs an original trompe-l’oeil model, while Paola Pivi’s creation stands out for its precious gold leaf details and sophisticated leather inlay. Finally, Zeng Fanzhi revisits Van Gogh’s iconic self-portrait sublimated with more than 700,000 embroidery stitches.

Thanks to the creation of 18 unique models, imagined by big names on the art scene, such as Henry Taylor, Beatriz Milhazes, Urs Fischer, Zhao Zhao, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Tschabalala Self, the Artycapucines collection reaffirms Louis Vuitton’s unchanging desire to bring forward its pioneering spirit and its exceptional savoir-faire at the service of talents from all over the world. Each bag embodies the Maison’s perpetual commitment to the pursuit of excellence, elevating the Capucines to an absolute icon of timeless elegance.

The models from the third Artycapucines collection will be available in a limited edition of 200 pieces in Louis Vuitton stores around the world starting in late October.


Louis Vuitton | Capucines 2021

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