YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Velvet Radical


YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Velvet Radical

Radical. Couture. A completely new finish. A subversive semi-matte lipstick without compromising on comfort.

The iconic matte lipstick has a new member in the family. YSL BEAUTÉ presents THE SLIM VELVET RADICAL: 12 new shades for matte lips with an advanced formula that gives priority to comfort.

THE SLIM VELVET RADICAL speaks to the woman in love with the matte effect, who also wants the velvet effect of the texture. Setting new standards of sophistication, THE SLIM VELVET RADICAL is inspired by the couture and subversive fashion house and her love for the iconic velvet fabric.

Timeless. Enveloping. Vivid. With an opacity that wraps the entire body in a soft and comfortable way, velvet acts as a bridge between subversive and sophistication. Now reinterpreted in a lipstick. The fine line between radical couture and radical comfort.

Two YSL women. The two faces of THE SLIM VELVET RADICAL. Edie Campbell and Zoë Kravitz, in their respective roles as global ambassadors, present two amazing looks. Leaning against a red wall, their heads tilted back, their gaze fixed, they are filmed by world-famous photographer David Sims. With lipstick in hand, their knowing gaze is extraordinarily bold.

Their makeup, created by Tom Pecheux, is a makeup that dares; the intense feline eye and the rebel velvety brick-colored lips against a background of natural complexion on Zoë Kravitz; and naked eyes with the same bold brick-colored lips on Edie Campbell. These two looks perfectly illustrate how a lip color can be worn with a surprisingly different effect.


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