FROM VENICE TO VENICE Golden Goose collaborates with skateboarder Cory Juneau

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FROM VENICE TO VENICE Golden Goose collaborates with skateboarder Cory Juneau

Third in the world rankings, he is one of the most promising young talents in the skate scene and will lead Team USA at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“Cory perfectly embodies and celebrates the values ​​we believe in and share: family, passion, authenticity, positivity and success, which are as important in the skatepark as in the workplace and in everyday life. We are thrilled to be at his side, accompanying him in this fundamental stage of his career, the dream of every athlete: the Olympic Games “, says Silvio Campara, CEO of Golden Goose.

“Being part of the Golden Goose family is a dream come true. This is only the beginning of my professional career and I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with such a welcoming, authentic and creative team. Skateboarding is a real, hard and honest discipline, but it is also a real family. Since my first meeting with the Golden Family I have felt at home. I was sure it was the right fit for me from the first moment. “says Juneau.

For the occasion, the brand has created an exclusive 1OF1 sneaker for Juneau to wear during the Olympics, consolidating the lifestyle attitude of the brand and its affinity with the world of skateboarding.

“Golden Goose truly believes that people who stand out for their sporting achievements share our same values ​​as dedication, passion and fairness. From the minute we saw Cory we knew he was the right person to represent the brand, not only because Golden Goose has always been inspired and influenced by skate culture, but also because of the values ​​he embodies. A carefree, humble and tireless boy ready to face the biggest challenge of him ”adds Campara.

From Venice to Venice is a three-stage journey from Venice (Los Angeles, California) to Tokyo, culminating in Venice (Italy).

With the first episode “The Dreamer from Venice”, Golden Goose presented Cory, narrator of a journey of courage, dedication and love. Cory perfectly represents the brand’s bond with Los Angeles. From the energy of the skate to the freedom of surfing, pillars of American culture in lands of free souls living in a jungle of waves, ramps and tracks. In the second episode of the trip, “From Venice to Tokyo”, Cory talks about himself, his fears and expectations towards the Games – where he will compete on August 5th. To conclude this journey, let’s go back to the place where it all began, Venice. On the occasion of the Venice Film Festival, on September 6, Golden Goose and the renowned Italian skateboard brand Bastard will give new life to their iconic skate bowl, with performances on the Venice Lagoon by Cory Juneau and a select group of the skate community.

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