PIAGET | Extraordinary Lights

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PIAGET | Extraordinary Lights

Bright lights dance in a myriad of combinations around the most precious materials and the most precious gems.

In a perfect game of creativity and color contrasts, light in all its shades seems to have been captured by time in a collection created with unparalleled imagination and inventiveness.

When the evening becomes night you can attend a performance divided into three captivating chapters, the first is the show of the Festive Lights with lanterns that hover towards the sky above the crowd, in the second you can be hypnotized and surprised by the Magical Lights of the aurora while the third chapter closes the celebrations with the heavenly show of the Infinite Lights that will remain forever in your heart.

Blazing Night
As the sky darkens, traditional red lanterns are released, sending crimson sparks skyward like glowing embers.

Magical Aurora
Magical Aurora jewels seem to have absorbed the energy of this spectacle of nature and respond to the rain of light with a sparkle of their own. Each creation is absolutely unique, original and unparalleled.

Gloaming Illuminations
The colors of the night change continuously: the pastel shades of pink, purple and blue swirl and dance in surprising shows that paint the sky, captivating the audience and making the pulsations run and excite the hearts.

When the glare of the show fades, the crowd gathers to contemplate the starry sky still captivated by the experience just lived. Tiny points of light dance in the sky, awakening the emotions of the past moments. And as the evening draws to a close, everyone knows they will be forever inspired by the magnificence of the unforgettable extraordinary lights they have just witnessed.

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