Local Color | Max Mara Resort 2022

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Local Color | Max Mara Resort 2022

As well as geraniums, the Max Mara Resort 2022 collection is also perfect in both locations or anywhere else.

Local Color | Max Mara Resort 2022

“Local Color” by Truman Capote evokes the golden age of travel, in stark contrast to the frenzy of some trips made before the pandemic forced us home. Capote brings us back to the belief of having to stay enough time in a place to create a connection with it and reminds us that the transit from one place to another, through the journey by plane, by ship or by train, can be a source of inspiration on which to write and an opportunity to dress ad hoc.

The location is the Hotel Mezzatorre which evokes the glories of the time when the tourist routes of high society drew a real map of elegance. One group of women, in particular, with an extremely sophisticated lifestyle inspired the narrative genius of writer Truman Capote. His “swans”, as he called them, led a fascinating life, always in search of perfection.

His collection of “Local Color” stories, from which the collection takes its name, includes a chapter that narrates the four months he spent in Ischia and paints a world in which the experience of travel is savored as one of the great pleasures of life .

With this collection, Max Mara proposes itself to a new generation of swans, today working women and with different but equally glamorous lives.

Max Mara presents a series of graphic prints in shades ranging from red, to powder pink, through to the scarlet color of those geraniums that fall along the facade of the Plaza Athénée. Similar to those that thrive in Ischia, where Truman Capote lived the four splendid months described in “Local Color”.


The show film was directed by Ginevra Elkann who, after studying at the London Film School and working with the likes of Bernardo Bertolucci and Anthony Minghella, made her debut in 2019 with the feature film “Magari”. Ginevra Elkann is also the granddaughter of Marella Agnelli, one of Capote’s swans.


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