RIANNA + NINA launches the new BONBON BAG


RIANNA + NINA launches the new BONBON BAG

Luxury fashion label RIANNA + NINA continues their trademark blend of vintage and modern with the release of their new Bonbon Bag

Over many years of travel, Rianna and Nina have gathered an impressive array of top-tier, one-of-a-kind fabrics. The new Bonbon Bag from RIANNA + NINA selects beautiful vintage silk scarves from Rianna and Nina’s archives and transforms them into single, elegantly composed works of art.

Each bag’s exterior is composed of a luxuriously soft silk scarf, while a unique second silk scarf comprises the bag’s handle. This handle does more than provide a sophisticated visual contrast: by cinching the scarf handle, the Bonbon Bag becomes a clutch; by loosening the handle, it shifts into a timeless shoulder bag.

No matter how special the occasion, there’s sure to be a Bonbon Bag to match it.

Lining the inside of every bag is vibrantly-coloured calf leather. This high-end interior gives the bag a refined look while ensuring it will last a lifetime of events, parties and special occasions.

Every bag produced is one-of-a-kind, and as no two bags are alike, once a bag is sold, it cannot be recreated.

The Bonbon Bag also represents Rianna and Nina’s continuing commitment to sustainability, as each piece is made with reinterpreted vintage luxury fabrics.




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