Emilio Pucci Resort 22 | Up in the air


Emilio Pucci Resort 22 | Up in the air

The resort 22 collection takes inspiration from the joyful and liberated spirit of the 1960s to explore the theme of travel,

Jet setting, air travel, an idea of ​​speed full of energy are part of the Emilio Pucci mindset. Emilio Pucci himself, the imaginative founder who loved to roam free, was an aviator, and such a curious creator of the things of the modern world that he even went so far as to design stewardess uniforms for Braniff Airlines in the 1960s.

He caused a sensation, imagining a short and precise wardrobe, as chic as it was fresh: the perfect match for an unforgettable trip.

The resort 22 collection, conceived by the design team that continues to reconnect to the essence of Pucci, takes inspiration from the joyful and liberated spirit of the 1960s to explore the theme of travel, which is another embodiment of the resort as a state of mind that it requires ease, fun and a healthy dose of glamor. As always for Pucci, modularity is key.

The offer consists of essential and easy pieces that can be mixed and matched in countless ways. The seasons are also mixed, with heavier garments such as double-faced coats, printed tops and down jackets paired with sheath dresses, ribbed bodysuits, shirts and swimwear.

The short silhouette reveals the legs suggesting dynamism, and finally sparkles with allover sequins that give a magnetic glow to mini dresses, tops and skirts.

Parka and anorak with foulard collar, pleated dresses, shirts, tops and miniskirts in heavy cotton, sheath dresses and shorts are the modules of playful compositions infused with shades of olive green, lavender, orange, aqua green, cream, mixed or contrasted in blocks .

The same shades are mixed in the Waves, Butterflies, Itineraries, Flags, Hesperides and Astrolabe prints: revised Pucci archive motifs, lightened by hypnotic densities and made airy. The prints also swirl on lingerie items, and then on generous travel bags, foulard bags and small leather accessories.

Silver low-heeled ankle boots and slingback loafers accentuate the sense of 1960s modernism.

The search for sustainability continues. The outer fabric of the duvets is eco-taffeta, while the padding is recycled down. All stretch garments are made with sustainable jersey. In reviving the splendor of a decisive moment for Pucci, a young and easy spirit asserts itself.


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