Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver


Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

The soul of the journey beyond appearances. Louis Vuitton welcomes the Street Diver family to its iconic Tambour collection

The new Tambour Street Diver is everything Louis Vuitton stands for: high quality craftsmanship, multifunctionality, creative ingenuity and freedom of expression. The Maison’s watchmaking journey, which began in 2002 with the launch of the first Louis Vuitton watch, continues.
Made from a single block of metal, larger at the base than at the top, the unique shape of the Tambour is inspired by a drum. With the applied crowns that integrate perfectly into the case and strap, the position of the hours is indicated by the 12 letters “L OU I SVU I TTO N”.

This year, the iconic watch has been reinvented with the Tambour Street Diver model, bringing Louis Vuitton into the realm of high-end sports watchmaking with a timepiece designed to accompany us in multiple contexts. Bold and resistant, with a decidedly sporty look, the Tambour Street Diver brings together all the requirements of a traditional diving watch while maintaining the colorful, creative and unconventional style elements that have always been central to the Maison.

Gathering the energy and dynamism of city life, the Tambour Street Diver is vibrant, bright and offers a blend of sleek and ultra-modern elements. Challenging the codes of more practical timepieces, the watch is characterized by urban lines rather than a traditional design, without compromising its underwater potential.

And just like water that takes on infinite forms, the Tambour has also proven itself to be eternally adaptable with its tapered case making the watch perfect for all wrists. The Tambour Street Diver is no exception, with three 44mm automatic models and a 39.5mm quartz version, which interpret the sport-chic style in a unique way. The intelligent quick-change strap system made by Louis Vuitton over the past three years further enhances the watch’s ability to transform from day to night, from casual to formal, from sporty to elegant.


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