Why Max Mara choosen aesthetics of Japanese gardens for Leisure SS21?

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Why Max Mara choosen aesthetics of Japanese gardens for Leisure SS21?

Minimal garments that speak of comfort, elegance and fluidity...

Inspired by the refined and essential aesthetics of Japanese gardens, the Max Mara Leisure spring summer 2021 collection is a tribute to balance, to the harmony of materials and colors that translates into “habitable” clothes that function as a threshold between the inside and the outside, between the house, the green outside, and the spaces of everyday life.

Minimal garments that speak of comfort, elegance and fluidity, made in a range of materials ranging from jersey and doubled cotton, cashmere, satin, silk, and linen, with shapes that dress different women according to the body movements and the gradual transition from spring to summer.

A game of combinations, overlapping of natural yarns, volumes and textures that create unprecedented montages in which the total look is transformed into a sporty attitude, into informal elegance, into precious separates that introduce original aesthetic codes: the sweat pants they dialogue with blazer jackets, with unstructured trench coats; long, narrow or wide skirts with soft mélange cotton sweaters, with the most classic twin sets; straight trousers with performance and technical parkas, with three-quarter length caban, dusters and long vests.

The dresses wisely interpret the different style of each woman: the cotton tank dress, the satin slip dress, the cotton poplin shirt dress, the polo dress with jersey flounces, the linen frock coat with side slits, the knitted dress. The whites of the gravel, the pink of the berries, the black, the gray, the mastic of the rocks, and the veiled blue of the streams announce the first warmth of spring, which warming up gives way to green reflections, which in summer they illuminate with peony red, with lively colors of flowers, with touches of yellow that give intensity to the garments of the collection.


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