Louis Vuitton unveils the new Capucines 2021

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Louis Vuitton unveils the new Capucines 2021

Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, the address where Louis Vuitton opened the first store in 1854, is the inspiration for the name of the iconic Capucines bag.

Louis Vuitton presents the new Leathergoods campaign shot by the famous photographer Steven Meisel. The French actress, ambassador of the Maison, Léa Seydoux is portrayed with the Capucines bag in an authentic and essential set. The campaign depicts the intimate relationship inherent between a woman and her bag and highlights the timeless elegance of the Capucines bag.

“La Capucines embodies the essence of French craftsmanship. I am very honored to be the ambassador of this bag that I love and always wear, “says Léa Seydoux.


Values ​​such as creativity, the continuous search for excellence, exceptional savoir-faire and the combination of tradition and innovation are embodied by the Capucines bag, the quintessence of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship in leather goods.

Meticulously designed, the bag contains a multitude of handcrafted elements assembled in hundreds of steps and represents the emblem of Louis Vuitton’s unparalleled traditional savoir-faire.

The unique leathers used for the creation of the Capucines, soft and sumptuous, are selected among the most admirable. Capucines is not just a timeless bag, but a companion for life. A work of absolute craftsmanship, the Capucines is a modern classic.


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