Ray-Ban You Are On 2021.

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Ray-Ban You Are On 2021.

It's a whole new world: go out and discover it, You're On.

Composed of a series of short videos, the second campaign You’re On embodies the moment when everything matters it’s you, your approach to life and how you fully realize that vision. Spontaneous, bold, free, your gaze is much more than a gaze: it is an aura, an energy, an attitude, all in one. And it is more true than ever. The secret lies in the ability to live in the moment, take center stage or simply do whatever you have to do in the most authentic way possible.

The campaign includes a series of digital initiatives that celebrate the You Are On attitude, in true Ray-Ban style. First of all the #RayBanElevatorDance challenge on TikTok, which sees the participation of the Italian content creator and TikToker Giulia Penna together with ten of the coolest TikTok creators in the world. Not only that: the new exciting IG filter dedicated to the Ray-Ban Authentic service will also be launched.

It’s a whole new world: go out and discover it, You’re On.

THE GAMERS: With the controller in their hands, two gamers try to prevail over each other during a no holds barred match, wearing the new Ray-Ban glasses. Their look is smart and trendy. Combining the authentic Ray-Ban design with the latest generation lenses digitally built and distinguished by the original Ray-Ban logo and all the advantages of anti-UV and anti-blue light filters, the Ray-Ban complete pair service redefines the concept of total style in line with the message You’re On. And that’s not all: each pair of prescription lenses is specially shaped to adapt to both the frame and the customer’s specifications, for maximum sharpness and comfort.

ELEVATOR: A chance encounter. An elevator. Two complete strangers. They meet and connect, creating an unexpected bond. Both show their most authentic side, flawlessly sporting Ray-Ban’s State Street frames. Confined to the small space of an elevator, they share a journey living the moment, regardless of the surrounding world, while raising their vision. Ready to shoot at any time, as the You’re On philosophy dictates.


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