ZANNETTI celebrates the Chinese New Year


ZANNETTI celebrates the Chinese New Year

BUFFALO REGENT AND SPECIAL EDITION GLADIATOR. The Roman maison celebrates the Chinese New Year with three special editions dedicated to the year of the Buffalo

Zannetti inaugurates 2021 with three special editions celebrating the Chinese New Year. On February 12, 2021, the year of the Buffalo will begin and the Roman watchmaker is dedicating three new limited series timepieces to the majestic animal.

Fil rouge of the three models, a powerful silhouette is the absolute protagonist of the dial through work done by hand in the specialized Zannetti ateliers, expression of an original creativity combined with a great value savoir-faire.

For the two Bufalo Regent versions, Zannetti prefers a mother-of-pearl dial, on which the figure of the buffalo is handcrafted with the micro-painting technique in polychrome enamel, with vibrant colors and an extraordinary richness of details and shades.

Portrayed in all its vigor and fighting temperament, the ox is represented with large and powerful horns in one model, and with weapons in hand in the other, as a sign of the imminent duel. In this scenario, the three luminescent hands rotate, animated by a precise automatic movement. The commemorative series is completed by the timepiece called Bufalo Gladiatore: the corozo dial, in a neutral ivory tone, is finely engraved with the iconic buffalo snout that is the proud background to the dance of the hours. Along the perimeter of the dial time is marked with a geometric decoration, interspersed every 5 minutes by small black triangles, an aesthetic and at the same time functional sign in the precise art at the service of measuring time. Distinctive signature on the dial, the Zannetti logo stands out with the indication “Hand Made Roma” to underline the proud Capitoline provenance. Sturdy steel cases of 42 and 43 mm frame the timepieces.

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