Pasquale Bruni. A long tradition of Love


Pasquale Bruni. A long tradition of Love

Jewels that outline a real philosophy of the soul: embrace life, unrepeatable moments and people of the heart with Love.

PETIT JOLI in CARNELIAN, an absolute novelty chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the energy of a unique stone, full of warmth.

Stone of life, of the vital energy that expresses, in a moment like this, the love for life and for our land, even with more vigor and gratitude. This is a message that we feel even more intensely on the day of the Feast of Love. Joins the already present: Blue Moon (Blue Moon), color of the sky and the moon, given by the lapis lazuli that embraces the white agate; Lunar white that represents the moon in its expression of light, space, and air; The pink chalcedony tells of the love that connects the earth with the sky in a sunset; Onyx, which represents the earth and strength, the intensity of being. Il Verde (green agate); absolutely charismatic stone expresses the maximum energy of nature, its immense strength which is both power and protection. Also for this last gem, the collection includes ring, stud earrings, necklace and bracelet made of rose gold with white and champagne diamonds

BON TON JE T’AIME, for a Valentine’s Day full of passion

This time the flower shows itself in all its completeness, with its stem and its leaf. A real declaration of love for the woman and for the woman to herself and to her nature.
Slender strands of rose gold and white and champagne diamonds unfold in almandine garnet corollas

Flowers as the essence of the female creative spirit.
Shapes that blossom like orbits and planets surrounding the moon, guardian of the female universe. Joyful and carefree allure, a tribute to female freedom and independence in an embrace of flowers that makes us daughters of the strength of Mother Nature.
Ring in rose gold, white and champagne diamonds, pink chalcedony, red garnet, moonstone. Inside the ring there is a very light non-deformable titanium core called memory form, which allows the jewels to flex easily when worn, giving a remarkable consistency and
resistance to stress, making them flexible and soft. This particularity also allows the jewel to be worn in multiple ways

A long tradition of Love, for Pasquale Bruni, which takes shape with precious messages to always carry with you.

The proceeds from the sale of the Amore 4 ° Chakra collection supports the Amore Africa project, which since 2018 has been close to the families of the Majaoni Village in Kenya in the construction of wells, schools and also providing protective equipment during the pandemic. Choosing a jewel from this collection also expresses a gesture of love for one’s neighbor and a desire for life and trust in a better future.
Pasquale Bruni was the first jeweler who used the word in jewelery many years ago, creating a real trend that has become more and more current over time.

Jewels that outline a real philosophy of the soul: embrace life, unrepeatable moments and people of the heart with Love. The fourth chakra can be enclosed in a single word, Love, the same word that defines the Maison, and gives the name to its iconic collection.
Rose quartz, the stone par excellence linked to this feeling, is guarded by the heart at the center of each jewel. Gem bearer of love, enclosed by an array of white diamonds in direct contact with the skin to let the energy flow freely and activate the chakra.
The word love caresses the skin. Each letter becomes the protagonist, embellished with white and champagne diamonds, set in pink gold. The collection includes band rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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