Louis Vuitton presents
“Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer”

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Louis Vuitton presents
“Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer”

The new chapter in the history of the maison's artistic collaborations

Louis Vuitton presents the new collaboration with the acclaimed Swiss artist Urs Fischer: a collection complete with leather goods, clothing, shoes and accessories that express all his bold creative vision.
The starting point of the “Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer” collection lies in the exuberant and revolutionary reworking of the Louis Vuitton Monogram by the artist, who, one of the few to have intervened on the iconic pattern designed in 1896 by George Vuitton, he has re-appropriated the flowers of the Monogram and LV initials in a new hand-drawn version that he calls “sketches of memory”.

The fantastic reason , which appears to float, has been meticulously reworked to fit each specific product of the collection, changing it in size, perspective, color and technical applications.
Available in two colors, black and red and black and white, this new Monogram is the decorative motif emblematic of the entire collection: it covers two sporty sneaker models and adorns the accessories they include two wool and silk shawls , a wool stole, two silk scarves, a double face padded scarf and a padded hood. Printed on sportswear, a t-shirt, a jacket with hinges, trousers, clothes and T-shirts, the logo is resized and rotated in a different direction to follow the lines of the body.

The seven special editions of bags, a Keepall, a Cabas, two Neverfull, the Speedy, the clutches and a charming rigid beauty case, made with the Monogram by Urs Fischer present an effect particularly attractive thanks to the refined tuffetage technique that uses velvet to create a relief pleasant to the touch. The collaboration also features a number of bizarre characters created by Urs Fischer. Enchanting animals and objects are brought together in a playful print that stands out on a colorful scarf in silk. The four characters, a cat asleep on a babana peel, an avocado that meets a egg , a cat with a light bulb and a bird carrying a peach, will be the protagonists of the shop windows of selected Louis Vuitton stores around the world.

The artist has in fact created a universe of visual elements , developed with the creative experts of the Maison, who represents both his Monogram and the entire family of characters who will transform the Louis stores Vuitton in the world through digital screens and sculptural elements. The launch of the collaboration will also be featuring digital content and social media, which will animate the characters and the collection “Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer” is simultaneously a showcase for the creative world of Urs Fischer and the latest exciting chapter in Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of dedication to the arts.

From today the collection, which will be launched in Louis Vuitton stores around the world on January 2, 2021, is already available in boutiques and through Louis Vuitton customer service, 800308980.


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