Interview: Gudu by Georgian designer Lasha Mdinaradze

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Interview: Gudu by Georgian designer Lasha Mdinaradze

In the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, designer Lasha Mdinaradze, the founder of GUDU brand, continues to experiment with tailoring and to look for new combinations of textures and colors

The GUDU brand was founded in 2015 by the Georgian designer Lasha Mdinaradze who lives and works in Kiev. In 2011, he won the Be Next competition for young designers, and then worked on the Merali by GUDU and UGLY (You Gotta Love Yourself) labels. This season the GUDU brand tooks part in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

The brand focuses on bright and self-sufficient images that do not need extra accessories. Lasha Mdinaradze actively works with black color and deconstruction, loves to experiment with shape and color, while not forgetting about the verified cut. The designer calls GUDU’s heroine a blue-blooded punk, offering her sensual and dramatic silhouettes.

‘A woman is always in the center of attention for me. I want to create things for her that reveal her strength and character’. Says Mdinaradze

The GUDU brand has recently made a Beth Harmon inspired shooting from Netflix hit “Queen Gambit”, which collects outfits from different collections that best illustrate their aesthetics.

In the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, designer Lasha Mdinaradze continues to experiment with tailoring and to look for new combinations of textures and colors.

The designer dedicated it to the sea using its lines and graphics in the collection. So, the branded formality of jackets is balanced by wave-like elements and the contrasting black and white palette is touched by the shades of sea blue. ‘During the quarantine, I really missed the sea nearby’, says Lasha Mdinaradze. ‘In my head, it coexisted with the urban landscapes that surrounded me at that moment, thanks to which the graphic lines of GUDU were combined with the fluidity that water gives us’.

Wave-like lines, the main collection accent, adorn the jacket flaps, trousers, sleeves on flying chiffon dresses and blouses. Lasha Mdinaradze made flowing and light even trench coats. The dreams of the sea are supported by things reminiscent of fishing nets – dresses and skirts woven from thin leather strips.

Recognizable GUDU things – hand weaving and pleating, without which today it is difficult to imagine the brand, still remain in the collection.

Instead of a classic show, the GUDU team presents a video in which all the images of the collection can be viewed in detail. ‘I wanted to do something light, filled with air and life’, adds Lasha Mdinaradze. ‘Its heroes are in constant motion and at the end a surprise awaits the audience – you will meet one of my favorite heroines from the art world’.


What kind of emotions does the sea recall in you? Do you have a specific memory connected to this?
Sea is a palette of emotions for me. It is always different – aggressive, tender, peaceful, rolling, appeasing and exciting. I like sea for its uncertainty of forms and shades. The first thing we can see is a wave, but when you start peering into it you begin to notice the undertones and diversity of lines.

In which conditions is the sea the greatest source of inspiration for you?
This year sea brought me a sense of peace and serenity. Too much different things were happening around and only sea made me put all this out of my head and finally feel myself happy and fulfilled.

How does inspiration turn into reality, design, when you create a new collection?
In my collection I primary use the sea graphics, its lines. Wave-like lines of jackets used in my collection has become the brand’s distinctive features. I also tried to play with fishing nets in some dresses and used the aquamarine colour as a bright highlight.

How did you come up with the idea of the video, including the musical choice, for your latest collection, S/S 2021?
Basically, music is a very important source of inspiration for me. And very often the whole creative process depends on it. I’ve had this track with Bulgarian combination of voices for a long time. When I made up my mind about the idea for video – ladies with different appearances walk the runways – I’ve realised that this music can emphasize this diversity.

Why do you make models wear something that completely covers their face during catwalks? Is there a particular message you want to convey?
My goal is to demonstrate the whole image without focus on the model’s appearance. This is why I try to hide their faces during the show. In GUDU we concentrate on creation of a complete well-thought-out image and don’t want the audience to be distracted by anything else.

Why did you decide to continue your studies at the Accademia Italiana in Florence? What addition has it made to your personal baggage? 
Education in Florence was my winning prize in Be Next – a young designers contest. During my education I have learnt to work in a team, as I am individualist and can immerse in the creative process and notice nothing around me. I was very happy to stay in Florence for such a long time. I adore this open-air museum full of inspiration.


Directed by Vova Klever & Lasha Mdinaradze
Styling by Lasha Mdinaradze
Stylist Assistant: Elena Pashkina
Beauty by Evgenia Kozlova & Hanna Cohen
Music: Kafal Sviri by Folk Choir of The Philip Koutev School of Folk Arts Geuxx – Forrvirret
DOP: Alex Stratienko
Producer: Vova Klever & Ksusha Shakhti
Playback: Nazar Rozhankivskiy
Editing: Alex Stratienko
Color Grading: Alex Stratienko
Maria Volkova / Linea 12 Models
Diana Kim / L Models
Zvan / Cat B Agency
Natasha Kononenko / L Models
Svetlana Zelenaya / The Agent UA
Opeyemi / Cat B Agency
Glory / Ecos Models
Techset: PX Rental
1st Ac / Focuspuller: Vladislav Dobrik⠀
Gaffer: Ivan Poboroznyuk / Patriot Rental
Key Grip: Kolya Koplun / Patriot Rental
Chief Electrician: Vitya Shulyak / Patriot Rental
Light & Transport: Patriot Rental
BTS: Alexandra Argudayeva

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