Helena Rubinstein Christmas boxes 2020


Helena Rubinstein Christmas boxes 2020

Helena Rubinstein proposes for the Christmas collection a new box with a precious blue and gold design

Helena Rubinstein proposes the new design of her boxes for the 3 icons of the brand: Replasty Age Recovery, Prodigy Cellglow and Powercell Skinmunity to address the three main needs of the skin: GLOWING SKIN, POWER YOUTH, EXPERT TREATMENTS.

For each box, an elegant pouch that features the franchise in color and premium codes. Expression of innovation and avant-garde in skincare formulas, for a timeless beauty, Premium beauty Helena Rubinstein.



POUCH CELGLLOW- Concentrate 50ML + Essence 30ml + Rosy cream 15ml + Eye treatment 5ml

GLOWING SKIN: prodigy cellglow, a absolute protagonist in anti-aging HR treatments e brightness whose main ingredient is represented by edelweiss flower, enemy of aging and ally of science. Symbol of purity and immortality, the “star alpina “, known as the White Diamond of the Alps, has the ability unique to thrive in extreme conditions. Among all the Edelweiss species, Helena Rubinstein selected the Edelweiss-Alpha, the most resistant. To the mother cells of Edeleweiss were combined with two other extracts: acid leontopodic, a powerful antioxidant, and a lipid extract for intense nutrition, thus giving rise to CELLULAR SUPREME BY EDELWEISSTM, key technology of the Prodigy Cellglow line. This triple extract gives brightness and firmness to the skin.



POUCH POWERCELL – Serum 50ML AntiPoll. M+ mask 20ml + Cream 15ml + 24h eyes 5ml

POWER YOUTH: youth reinforcing serum, a comprehensive anti-aging treatment to protect the skin from frenetic rhythms and micro aggressions: Powercell Skinmunity, a defense against free radicals and an anti-aging action for younger looking skin. The power of cells Samphire plant mothers in a grafting treatment youth. Used by Helena Rubinstein in 2010, the Samphire plant mother cells by the properties regenerating agents favor the barrier function of the skin. Powercell Skinmunity strengthens the established skin barrier from the microbiome. The high concentration of mother cells of Samphire make this treatment a real ally against the external aggressions of life urban frenzy.



POUCH REPLASTY – Age recovery day 50ML Light Peel 25ml + Age. Rec Night 15ml

EXPERT TREATMENTS: Replasty age recovery, day and night treatments to repair the signs of aging from exclusive collaboration between the Helena Rubinstein and Laclinic Montreux. Re-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY DAY, cream “Bandage effect” against the signs of aging to soothe, protect and repair the skin during the day. Contains a trio of active ingredients to enhance the regenerating activity and formula antioxidant: Proxylane – Proven action on the main signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid – Proven efficacy in the treatment of skin reddened Glycyrrhizic acid – Licorice extract; soothing properties. From the first application, the skin is immediately enveloped in a feeling of comfort.



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