Arnaud CHASTAINGT tells about the old friendship between J12 and Mademoiselle Chanel

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Arnaud CHASTAINGT tells about the old friendship between J12 and Mademoiselle Chanel

After first meeting in 2017, Mademoiselle and the J12 cross paths again to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a watchmaking icon.

Fastened to the J12’s crown, Mademoiselle is revealed in the form of a stylized tassel, wearing a suit embroidered with 224 diamonds and white gold braiding that contrasts with her eyes and black lacquered hair.
For this occasion, the J12 is adorned with a bezel entirely set with baguette-cut diamonds, while its dial features 12 precious diamond indicators. A subtle, signature detail belonging to all MADEMOISELLE J12 watches is the set diamond on the back of the watch.


The J12 and Mademoiselle Chanel are together for the second time this year. Their first encounter in 2017 resulted in two 38 mm limited series in black or white ceramic, and a dial featuring a drawing of Mademoiselle Chanel with articulated arms that displayed the hour and minutes. What is the new face for MADEMOISELLE J12?


Indeed, the J12 and Mademoiselle Chanel are old friends. After first meeting in 2017, the pair is making a comeback. In 2020, a stylized effigy of Mademoiselle in the form of a tassel is now performing a balancing act. Mademoiselle is fastened to the J12’s crown wearing an embroidered suit of diamonds and white gold braiding. For this occasion, the J12 has lit up its bezel with a trail of baguette-cut diamonds. This delicate game is MADEMOISELLE J12’s second act.


It appears that Mademoiselle has inspired you for other creations?


Yes, this year Mademoiselle salutes the watch collection, making an appearance and representing CHANEL time on a variety of creations. The lady in her suit celebrates the J12 twice with great fanfare and jubilation. She also sets the pace on a clock pendant, dancing along a sautoir and taking a break on a button. Her persona, her spirit, they inspire me. With these creations, my goal is to portray my vision of CHANEL time, its free-spirited mood and occasional audacity. I love these creations; they fuse contemporary design with traditional crafts. This is remarkable and decidedly CHANEL time.




On that note, could you tell us about the clock pendant and sautoir named quite humorously COCO O’CLOCK?


Mademoiselle also appears on a clock pendant. A stylized version of her has taken over the dial and she is the one telling the time. The jewelers crafted her down to the last detail in white gold, and the gemsetters embroidered her suit and hat with diamonds. In the truest cloisonné tradition, Anita Porchet, a renowned enamel artist, outlined her timeless silhouette in white and black enamel. Maison l’Epée designed a special caliber for this creation nestled inside an obsidian cabinet of rare intensity that powers Mademoiselle’s dance with precision.

The sautoir is even more daring…


I also portray this encounter on a piece of jewelry. I chose a sautoir to express this Haute Horlogerie creation. In this piece as well, I designed and interpreted Mademoiselle Chanel as the keeper of CHANEL time. But time is not revealed at first glance. If you want to read the time, you must get her permission. Mademoiselle loves secrets and this one is well-guarded. You could say she keeps it under her hat!

Arnaud CHASTAINGT – CHANEL, Director of the Watchmaking Creation Studio


*The MADEMOISELLE J12 ACTE II is available in black or white ceramic, in a 20-piece limited edition.

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