CHANEL modernized this classic ornament by interlacing it with a simple yet chic strip of leather

With this exclusive collection, LES CHAÎNES D’OR DE CHANEL, Lucia Pica beautifully reinterprets the CHANEL universe for holiday collection 2020. She transforms a timeless visual code and a signature of Mademoiselle Chanel into a modern talisman that embodies the splendor and emotional thrill of the festive season.

“By accentuating a classic symbol of the House and exploring all of its facets, I infuse these existing ideas and images with a new energy, a new spirit.”

Lucia Pica explains

This year, the colour designer, who is as adept at paradoxes as Gabrielle Chanel was, turns to one of the iconic symbols of CHANEL: golden chains. CHANEL modernized this classic ornament by interlacing it with a simple yet chic strip of leather. Both precious and bold, this inspired Lucia Pica to create a sophisticated collection with a graphic contrast between black and gold as its common thread. Thus, Lucia Pica joins Gabrielle Chanel, who singularized an allure by adding a golden chain strap to a handbag, enhancing the essential simplicity of a little black dress while freeing women’s hands. Lucia Pica expresses this singularity in a palette of rich, deep shades steeped in sparkling, antique rose or white gold. A unique and elegant way to light up every face. Far from seeming flashy or superfcial, the powerful gold of the chains symbolizes sumptuousness and luxury, purity and divine light.

Dreamed up by Lucia Pica in collaboration with the Makeup Creation Studio, the new tones boost the confdence of women, who delight in their new glow. Eyeshadows and lipsticks are sprinkled with platinum or coppery shimmers, scintillating sparkles, or an interweaving of bronze-like links that appear endless, while nails are coated in antique golden polish. Flamboyant and striking, the shades of this collection are designed for all women who embrace their daring side.A festive spirit reigns over the entire LES CHAÎNES D’OR DE CHANEL collection to express this magnifcence.



An exclusive creation, LES CHAÎNES DE CHANEL is embossed with a chain motif. The Illuminating Blush Powder with its golden radiance subtly enhances facial contours with a rosy undertone for a delicately sculpted and dazzling effect.



Available in four sumptuous shades, OMBRE PREMIÈRE Powder reflects the spirit of the collection with bold golds. With their intense effect, soft and silky texture and nuanced way of adorning the eyelids with subtle or dazzling radiance, these powders give shape to audacious and hypnotic eyes with deep shades. For this exclusive creation, a chain motif is embossed on each of them. Each eyeshadow can be worn on its own or combined, blended or layered creating results ranging from the most natural to the most sophisticated.



ROUGE ALLURE delivers the fnal touch of elegance. Like a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s unconditional love for the colour gold, the timeless shades of ROUGE ALLURE are enriched with luminous golden sparkles. Wavering between modernity and sumptuousness, the intensity of each shade dresses lips in deep, radiant and satiny colours. Flamboyant, ROUGE ALLURE Rouge d’Or even warms them up with a fery gold-specked red. A golden signature that we also fnd along the edges of the iconic, graphic black tube of ROUGE ALLURE.

107 Or Beige: a gold-specked caramel beige

117 Or Cuivré: a gold-specked brick red

127 Rouge d’Or: a radiant gold-specked red

137 Pourpre d’Or: a scintillating plum




In a collection that showcases golden effects and contrasts, LE VERNIS is the highlight. With its long-wearing colour and supreme shine, echoing this Holiday collection, LE VERNIS Chaîne d’Or is a shimmering antique gold nail polish that brings a fnal touch to festive makeup. Boldly majestic and opulent, terribly elegant and dazzling.

773 Chaîne d’Or: an antique gold




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