DZHUS AW20 fashion film MISCONCEPT


DZHUS AW20 fashion film MISCONCEPT

Balances on the edge of surrealism and utilitarianism

DZHUS is a conceptual clothing and accessories brand founded in 2010 by Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus. Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS clothing is internationally recognised by its innovative cut and multi-purpose transformations. Irina Dzhus generates experimental constructions, using her extraordinary ability of a thorough insight into the complex structure of the ambient and a deep understanding of its architectonic potential. Comprehending metaphysics of the form and its antipode, volumes and silhouettes, surfaces and voids, contours and textures, the designer explores the possibilities of interaction of the surrounding space’s constitutive parts. The collection DZHUS AW20 is an irony about classic, stereotypical and ‘must-have’ clothing styles, which have interpreted in an unexpected way, offering radical yet wearable transformations of the garments. The brand ideology is synonymous with conscience and humanity. DZHUS AW20 line is manufactured using cruelty-free materials, according to the ethical production principles lying at the core of the brand. For warm garments DZHUS used eco-friendly hemp insulation engineered by a Ukrainian label DevoHome.

In 2019, DZHUS has won the Cruelty-free Fashion prize at Best Fashion Awards, the most prestigious fashion rating in Ukraine. DZHUS lines were presented during Paris Fashion Week, Ukrainian Fashion Week, London International Fashion Showcase, Helsinki Fashion Week and the “Designblok” Prague Design Festival. Selected for the International Woolmark Prize in 2015, DZHUS clothing is stocked at concept stores in Japan, Portugal, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, and sold online worldwide. In 2020 the Misconcept short film became a finalist of the Fashion Film Festival Kyiv |DZHUS AW20 CAMPAIGN:MISCONCEPT.

In this short film, the DZHUS team applies the most remarkable outfit modifications. As the alterations are made, the wearers feel a change of their mind-setand, eventually, experience escapist insights in synergy with their newly generatedshape. Reflecting on the transient nature of today’s fashion, DZHUS proposes alternative solutions against excessive overconsumption. The designer ‘deciphers’ trendy silhouettes and suggests multi-purpose upgrades for their structure. The Normcore pieces have also became an inspiration for DZHUS’ capsule. The intellectual designs play up the standardised sartorial details: collars, sleeves, pockets etc. which now either interflow into each other, or have been smartly imitated, or provided with new functions which reveal once a garment is turned inside out or fastened in a different way. A DZHUS woman is an independent intellectual in search of the perfect shell for her unique inner world.

A memorable garment from the film is an archetypical white shirt transforming into a handbag once folded in a classical manner, but the collection also includes a recognizable oversized shopper bag which can now be worn as a skirt, a double-sided architectural puffer that fits as perfectly upside down and features multiple modifications, and suspender shorts turning into a square tote etc. DZHUS’ pattern-making inventions offer creative ways to minimise wardrobe and shopping by using seemingly basic items in different configurations, proving that a norm is the biggest illusion of all.




Short film idea: Jorj Jorburj @jorburj / Whodidzis?

Directors, cameramen, edit: Jorj Jorburj, Igor Darovskiy @igor_darovskyi / Whodidzis?

Colour grading: Volodymyr Moroz, Jorj Jorburj

Music: Bitch per Minute – Itch / Einstein / KrKrKr Label

Models: Chidi Onwaeze @kween_koun, Anastasiya Kolomiets @_a_kolomiets_ / Prime, Anna Voloshenko @soliloque.a / Ecos, Glory @glowree08, Asia Tkachenko @pogonialo / Ecos Models, Alexandra Sukhetska @andra.dragon, Tatiana Savchenko @sava_tati / Mimodels

Photo: Alexey Ponomarev @pnmrvalexey

Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus

Styling assistant: Maria Fedosova @fedosovamariya

Makeup: Julia Vasilkovskaya @ mua.model

Hair: Julia Danshyna @julia_danshyna, Julia Vasilkovskaya @ mua.model

Location: Ya Vsesvit by Yakusha Design @ya.vsesvit

Ethical footwear: House Martin @housemartin_shoes

DZHUS team: Irina Dzhus @irina.dzhus, Anatolii Elgert @anatoliielgert

Tech support: Vlad Rudnik

With huge respect from DZHUS team to musician Bitch per Minute and KrKrKr Label for their timeless talent.

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