YSL Or Rouge


YSL Or Rouge

In 2018, OR ROUGE was re-imagined. With a new formulation, more effective than ever. With OR ROUGE, YSL Beauté's exclusive technology continues to disrupt the market for skin care.

La Crème Riche – the icon of the collection – now even more extraordinary. Together with La Crème Fine, La Crème Regard, La Lotion:
through OR ROUGE, YSL offers modern women a new program to live life the way they want – and have the skin they want. Today, the ritual for an extreme skin renewal is completed with L’HUILE, but LE SERUM and LE MASQUE SUPRÊME also undergo a radical renewal.

A high-precision ecological extraction process, a new formulation, more concentrated than ever in the precious Saffron distillate, and an elegant and refillable design to support the sustainable approach of YSL Beauté. Our formula combines crocin and crocetin (its powerful molecular precursor) to provide double protection against skin aging by counteracting oxidative stress – one of the main factors that determine the formation of lines, wrinkles and uneven tone and texture – and supporting cellular protection to counteract free radical damage and make the skin more resistant to external aggressions.

The highest concentration of saffron pistil ever reached meets saffron water: the essence that is formed during the distillation process has powerful protective properties for the skin. By deeply “rekindling” the energy of the epidermal cells, it offers uniformity and a visible “transformation” of the skin. Used for centuries for its healing properties, the knowledge of saffron’s properties has been handed down by generations of Moroccan women, who keep the secret of its extraordinary ability to beautify the skin and today pass it on to us.

Red Gold, saffron, is a precious flower reserved for Moroccan beauty rituals, which in the OR ROUGE line combines the mysticism of those places with the love that Monsieur Saint Laurent had for that territory, where YSL Beauté is still committed today in the creation and support of a cooperative of women who cultivate the precious botanical products of the gardens of Ourika.


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