CHANEL Cleansing Collection


CHANEL Cleansing Collection

In 2020, three complementary products will join the seven cleansers, to sublimate the effectiveness of this cleansing ritual.

Every day our skin needs to renew itself by eliminating excess sebum, make-up, fighting pollution and everything that inhibits its brightness.
In 2018 CHANEL launched a collection of specific cleansing products. Seven products suitable for all skin profiles. Seven formulas that combine delicacy and effectiveness. Seven textures, each with its own sensoriality. Seven tailor-made gestures to revive the cleansing ritual, every morning and every evening. In 2020, three complementary products will join the seven cleansers, to sublimate the effectiveness of this cleansing ritual.


LE GEL offers a new extremely delicate cleansing gesture suitable for all skin profiles, even the most sensitive ones. Thanks to its formulation, it cleanses the skin while protecting its barrier function and hydration. In contact with moist skin, the extra-fresh gel melts into a soft and creamy foam to eliminate: make-up, UV filters and micro-particles of pollution … At the heart of this foam is the blue microalgae, selected by CHANEL Research for its ability to increase the resistance of cells to the microstress generated by pollution. Furthermore, the salicornia marine has an incredible ability to self-regulate water and is able to adapt to the most hostile environments. Its extract has a double action, moisturizing and revitalizing.


Enriched with jojoba spheres of two different sizes, this fresh and creamy gel-cream removes impurities from the pores and eliminates dead cells with extreme delicacy. By performing the massage on the face, the spheres amalgamate with the gel consistency, a sign that cleansing has taken place. The skin appears visibly smooth, soft and even. To enhance the skin’s radiance and intensely revitalize it, the product contains two active ingredients known for their oxygenating and remineralizing properties, which promote optimal cell functioning. The violet microalgae stimulates cellular respiration and strengthens the skin’s defenses, while the sea spring water infuses the skin with minerals and trace elements.


LE MASQUE purifies and hydrates the skin in a single gesture, regulating the level of sebum present on the surface. Its creamy consistency contains moisturizing ingredients, a maracuja extract with repairing properties, kaolin and white clay (collected in France) which act in synergy to intensely purify the skin. To revitalize the skin, LE MASQUE combines violet microalgae, which stimulates cellular respiration and skin defenses, with sea spring water, rich in trace elements and minerals. LE MASQUE allows a real metamorphosis of the skin that is so pure, smooth and uniform.

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