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This collection explores creative and integrative methods of making clothes compact: tying, rolling, stacking and layering.

When you open what is delivered to you.
When you discard what is packaged.
When you unfold what is folded.
When you untie what is knotted.
When things are neatly rolled up,
When they are stacked on top of each other,
Or when pieces of something are put together.
It is a simple moment like this that we find pleasant.
When things change, our perspective changes too.
And with this change we can feel the beginning of something new.

As an iteration of the concept behind the collection – when things change, our perspective changes too – this video shows the collection in different ways, integrating the stop-motion technique into the actual show that has an inspired and explanatory of the collection.

The ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2021 collection, UNPACK THE COMPACT, was inspired by the idea of ​​shipping garments to people around the world in a compact way and thus delivering the joy and surprise of unwrapping what they have received.

During the preparation of the last collection, when the designer Kondo saw the number of boxes ready to be shipped to Paris, he realized the enormous volume of clothes to be transported. There, he had an Epiphany: creating the following collection in the most compact way possible. He imagined one so compact it could
be contained in a single box.

This collection explores creative and integrative methods of making clothes compact: tying, rolling, stacking and layering. It goes beyond functionality and comfort in an attempt to convey the surprise and joy people feel when opening clothes and witnessing their transformation.

This vest is a new step in the reflection on the relationship between dress and body. It was made by modeling the fabric in a soft shell that encloses the body. Its seamless two-part construction is made possible thanks to the shaping technique and zip design on the front and back of the garment.

This series is characterized by a unique design where the pieces of each garment can be joined together thanks to the zip, creating a three-dimensional construction. The stretch fabric gives the silhouette a soft and light touch, in which the strong black lines of the zips contribute to the visual of the shape of the garments. For pieces like the pea coat and the jacket biker, you can play with the various hinges and find new combinations.

This series starts from the idea of ​​integrating a suit and a suit hanger: the wearer can go through the entire cycle – wear, fold and carry the garment. By folding and closing the zips, the coat and poncho turn into bags clothes hanger. The trousers are equipped with a pocket inside which they can be folded. The fabric is water-repellent and anti-crease, designed for daily use and for people always on the move

An unprecedented knitted series, as malleable as a sponge. The fabric is a stretchy blend of cotton and polyester that they hug the body gently, while the zigzag pattern of the shirt makes it comfortable to wear and prevents that adhere to the skin. Each garment can be rolled up to become very small, ideal for traveling.

This series is inspired by the idea of ​​wearing a work of art that is fully reproduced on the clothes. Each garment is made up of several parts tied together. The painting is the representation of a living room, available in two variants: morning and evening. It is printed on a cotton twill and ramie fabric, which enhances the colors and brushstrokes of the work original.

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