Seen through a magnifying glass, the FENDI Women's and Men's Spring Summer 2021 Collections are a patchwork of memories designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi.

The time spent with the family – several generations gathered at home in Rome – is a catalyst for a quiet introspection, at the window or in the garden, intent on watching the world go by.

From the inside to the outside, and vice versa, shadows and reflections are cast on the collections. Intimacy is abstracted through the signs of domestic life, like a set of stories revealed in the intertwining of what is precious and what is simple. The purity of linen plays an essential role: caressed by cotton, feathers, fur and down quilts, it evokes images of embroidered bed and table linen, memories handed down from mother to daughter. The palette breathes in the natural shades of wheat, milk and honey, between the reflections of the sky blue and cardinal red, while a cinematic black and white shine like spotlights on the fabric. The windows – physical and metaphorical – are a leitmotif imprinted on the garments in a play of transparencies and textures.

Together, the Women’s and Men’s Collections explore the bare FENDI traditions, from satin boutis quilts to linear jour d’echelle embroideries, to the ajouré blooms, which make the skin visible, creating superimpositions of light and shadow. Formality is deconstructed: the back of the coats and the sleeves of the shirts are unbuttoned, the sartorial details are “imprinted” in the trompe l’oeil knit, the embroidered dressing gowns and flared tunics elevate the comfort of domestic life. Lightness and depth come together in the washed floral print linen, in the perforated furs, in the intricate workmanship of the duchesse silk, embroidered tulle and gazar aprons. To testify the seriousness of the moment, the clothes tell the stories of Italian craftsmanship and the emotion of our universal experience: FENDI’s savoir-faire applied in a surreal circumstance.

The FENDI Women’s and Men’s Spring Summer 2021 Accessories Collections play with constructions and ornaments to hide and show. Embroidered silk veils float on Baguette and Peekaboo bags in floral fur and ajouré cotton or the FF logo in quilted leather. Woven textures abound: recycled PVC baskets, tote with perforated stretch structure, picnic baskets and canvas suitcases are practical and carefree solutions for everyday life.

The Baguette Hand in Hand project celebrates a unique collaboration with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, including the Abruzzo and Marche regions. The Baguette handmade in Abruzzo is made of Aquilan bobbin lace starched in sugar, a technique perfected by Benedictine nuns since the 15th century. The structured Baguette, from the Marche region, is woven in natural willow threads, inspired by the baskets of local fishermen.

The second FENDI X CHAOS Capsule Collection features laser-cut and ajouré “apron” belts containing pastel-colored “jewelery”, and chain earrings embellished with pearls and impertinent FENDI dice. Women with braided boots, stretch pumps and rattan pool slides evoke spring elegance. For men, sling-back sailing shoes and T-bar low-tops are the new, original classics.

The new Collection featured the Fendi Family, Silvia Venturini Fendi, mother Anna Fendi and children Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Leonetta Luciano Fendi, Giulio Cesare Delettrez Fendi, photographed by Nico Vascellari in a series of portraits entitled “The Family”.


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