LFW20: Art save the fashion

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LFW20: Art save the fashion

LFW20: Art save the fashion

Di Gioia Gange

It seems to be back 20 years ago. The Covid 19 tsunami has drawn the lines of an epochal watershed and the reset effect is also evident for fashion. On the London catwalks, or rather, the catwalks are eliminated, we return to talking only about collections, the idea of ​​starting from scratch is naively evident. It seems that the pioneering spirit of the early Central Saint Martin School pupils of yesteryear has returned. Art acts as an engine as always, in the patters, in the inspiration, in the madness and in the matter. The designers dig into the archives, finding inspiration from the first sketches of the beginnings and the effect is energetic, colorful like the summer that you start to imagine normal for 2021.

Christopher Kane

Victoria Beckham

Molly Goddard

Matty Bovan



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