Burberry IN BLOOM SS21

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Burberry IN BLOOM SS21

For Spring / Summer 2021, Burberry writes a new chapter of a mythology realized in modern times.

‘It all started thinking about the English summer; embracing the elements with a beach trench coat, mixing sand and water. I imagined people in this context, as if I were the lighthouse keeper, and a love story between a mermaid and a shark, with the ocean in the background, then lived on land.

The circle is extremely symbolic: growth, renewal, the circle of life. The collection is called In Bloom because I was thinking about regeneration, dynamic youth, nature that constantly recreates itself, always grows and evolves, constantly alive. Water is also a symbol of all this: novelty, freshness and purification. And through water, life grows – water is what allows nature to flourish. Everything is circular.

The collection is focused and refined: a vision, a story. This is the essence of both Burberry’s identity and my creativity. I reaffirmed the Burberry codes: my Burberry codes, our DNA. “

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

For the Spring / Summer 2021 collection entitled In Bloom, Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci celebrates the brand’s emblems and distinctive features: its character, its nature, its unique DNA and remastered them with a dynamic and modern energy. Inviting the internationally renowned artist Anne Imhof to collaborate, Riccardo has created a unique experience for this show: a game of aesthetics, ideologies and tensions, between unbridled natural instincts and targeted precision, between rules and rebellion. Burberry has always offered the freedom to explore the new and the unknown: these times suggest a repair, a restoration, a new way of thinking. A new environment to explore.

For the Spring / Summer 2021 fashion show, Riccardo explores the power of fashion to communicate, excite and evoke emotions. It presents a modern mythology, a contemporary fairy tale set in the deep ocean, a love story that blossoms between a mermaid and a shark, romantic and unexpected. The sea, always beautiful, sometimes wild, invariably romantic, inspired the clothing. It reflects a multifaceted vision of Britain, both rural and urban, embracing the land and the ocean, always expressing freedom.

Riccardo’s creative collaboration with Anne Imhof, an artist synonymous with her revolutionary endurance performances and installations, offers a collision between fashion and art. Together, the duo conceived the show as a performance: staged for a digital audience, the show is conceived as an installation that explores freedom of expression – turning fiction into fact while reality becomes unreal. Like the waves crashing, uncontrolled on the shore, the performance presents an ebb and flow of bodies, models and artists as if they were one – a rising and falling tide of figures moving through space – a raw urban environment , created within the thriving English landscape. Celebrate a symbiosis of wild, untouched nature and human structure – gathered here.

Perspectives are constantly evolving, points of view re-examined. Burberry debuts its Spring / Summer 2021 show on Twitch with presenters Erykah Badu, Rosalía, Steve Lacy and Bella Hadid in the first collaboration between a luxury fashion brand and the video streaming service along with live shows on Instagram and Burberry.com .

It fits, as part of an artistic concept by Anne Imhof, the performance of her longtime collaborator, fellow artist and musician Eliza Douglas: her music creates a unique soundtrack in real time, further exploring the blurred boundaries between art, fashion and live events.

The Spring / Summer 2021 collection is a dialogue between different worlds that collide into one, mixing the natural element with style, blending utility with romanticism.

Women’s clothing reflects the juxtaposition of the mystical and the natural; strong and delicate, hard and soft, thanks to elegant details of tulle and chiffon, fishnet stockings studded with crystals, allegorical prints and works of art.

Menswear draws on the elegance and practicality of the maritime wardrobe with rubberized finishes, durable denim and Thomas Burberry gabardine. The palette is sharply focused, bathed in a spectrum of blue tones, an ocean landscape accentuated by Burberry sand beige and marine orange lightning. The portholes, inspired by the handles of the Pocket Bag, the new Burberry bag, are present on accessories and garments, opening the chinks on different layers.

Burberry’s DNA is historically linked to water – house founder Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, the first technical fabric designed to repel water and protect the body. Today, the Burberry trench coat remains the centerpiece of the brand. With this collection, Riccardo continues to reinterpret this icon in new declinations, including sculptural loop-back and cut-out styles, passing through full-length versions with contrasting denim tails.

Water itself is the symbol of renewal, regeneration, changing tides and eternal hope. Today it also represents freedom: a liberation, an escape, the excitement of new and unknown environments to explore. Large expanses, distant horizons, from which new life blooms.



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