Marine Vacth Face of Les Beiges De Chanel

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Marine Vacth Face of Les Beiges De Chanel

Face of the CHANEL House since 2017, Marine Vacth is a distinguished actress of the new wave French cinema.

The purity of her features, her grace and natural elegance, echo the allure and beauty celebrated by the CHANEL House.

In this film, the face of the new campaign dedicated to HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONG WEAR embodies the natural and chic French woman: free, independent and captivating. CHANEL follows her throughout a day in Paris, between city strolls, intimate moments and bursts of laughter.

LES BEIGES makes natural a style in itself. Simple, effortless style: this makeup line is like no other. It is unique. The ultimate incarnation of French beauty LES BEIGES, makeup becomes intuitive and unpretentious. It casually enhances skin and adorns it with minimal sophistication. Skin breathes freely and feels as light as air.

Each season, the LES BEIGES line expands to embrace the great outdoors all year long. This year, with HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONGWEAR, it unveils a new foundation that perfectly mimics the sensation of bare skin with a natural, radiant finish. A fluid foundation, as light as a breeze, that becomes one with the skin. Free of excess pigments, it reveals a serene complexion every day — one that had only seemed possible during a relaxing vacation. Effortless sophistication for French allure.

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