MAX & Co. Mix, match & smile


MAX & Co. Mix, match & smile

The new MAX & Co. Fall / Winter 20-21 is a celebration of life and an invitation to smile and do it to the fullest.

MAX IT UP! Because a day without a smile is a wasted day. More than a slogan, the MAX IT UP brand motto is an approach to life. An invitation to be free and to express yourself, without imposing limits. The smile is also the key to the campaign images: a minimal layout that alternates the iconic MAX & Co red. to a graphic black and white in which the models are framed, and inserted clear and inspirational messages: MAX Up your smile, Smile to the MAX, All MAXed up with smiles. The models protagonists of the shots smile. Dot bags smile, becoming seasonal emoticon items.

A smile is the best ally of your style and reflects your personality, it all starts from there. And in the shots MAX & Co. he told of the contagious naturalness of every smile: authentic, shy, daring, cheeky, amused and full of energy. And the style of MAX & Co., Chic and with unexpected mixes, which makes every woman unique, self-confident and therefore beautiful every day.

Mix, match & smile – The MAX & Co. autumn-winter 2020 once again breaks all the rules of the dress code, to reinvent a more authentic and modern code of elegance, in balance between rigor and originality. For women who play with fashion and are not afraid of being themselves. You don’t need a special occasion to wear the right dress. Every day is special and every look can be extraordinary. And make us smile.

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