Chanel: Vocabulary Of Style


Chanel: Vocabulary Of Style

There is a vocabulary of style, with rules that are meant to be decoded...

Symmetry, accent, repetition, asymmetry and accumulation are styles, which CHANEL provides to help you choose how to wear your earrings (one earring on each side, two identical earrings worn on the left, a single earring on the right…).

There are endless ways to wear your earrings — CHANEL invites you to find yours.


Two identical earrings worn on each side: a conscious embrace of symmetry in pursuit of perfect equilibrium.


One large earring worn on just one side: style is a sizable matter.


Boldly embrace asymmetry by wearing two earrings on the same side.


Showcase your earring by wearing it on just one side.


Mix, match and layer earrings on both sides. Any combination is a winning one.

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