Chanel Beauty Routine


Chanel Beauty Routine

For a fresh and radiant complexion and plumped skin: rely on perfecting skin treatments and brightness detectors.


The skin on the hands is very fragile and thin, poor in sebaceous glands and similar to that of the face. Constantly exposed to stresses, weakened by frequent washing, by the use of hydroalcoholic gels, damaged by environmental factors, the hands today reveal even more their vulnerability. It is essential to take care of it to preserve its beauty and youth.


1.Wash your hands with mild soap, you can use soap for the face, SUBLIMAGE SAVON DE SOIN with concentrated Vanilla Planifolia water with protective and antioxidant properties. Its consistency turns into a silky, rich and enveloping mousse, in full respect of the skin’s pH.
2. Smooth the skin of the hands and cuticles using the scrub SUBLIMAGE GRAINS DE VANILLE. This gentle exfoliating treatment based on natural vanilla seeds gently exfoliates, while the jojoba micro-pearls act deeper by removing dead cells.
3. Nourish and soften the skin with LA CREME MAINS, a complete treatment for hands and nails. In the formula: a May rose wax that smoothes and hydrates the skin, protecting it from external aggressions and the pale iris extract known for its illuminating properties. Finally, to give maximum hydration and comfort, the formula is enriched with glycerin, hyaluronic acid and shea butter.
4. Final touch: LE VERNIS Ballerina



Even if you sleep less well and spend more time on screens, it is easy to keep the eye area cool and bright.

1.Give a boost of energy to the eye area using LE LIFT FLASH EYE REVITALIZER. Two specific treatments that revive the look and offer a touch of brightness in two phases: the roll-on diffuses the anti-aging serum enriched with a vitamin complex, performing an intense firming and smoothing action. The roll-on sphere offers an energizing massage and increases the draining effect, for a more targeted effectiveness on bags and dark circles. Then, apply the revitalizing patches that amplify the effectiveness of the serum and promote the absorption of the formula. The lifting effect is immediate. The look appears perfectly rested and smooth. Dark circles are lessened.
2.Use a cream suitable for this delicate area, which it offers a combination of effective natural active ingredients to smooth and firm the
eye area. LE LIFT EYE CREAM combines naturalness and efficacy, composed of ingredients of natural origin, its formula offers the smoothing and firming action of the botanical concentrate of alfalfa, a natural active ingredient as effective as retinol, the reference molecule against skin aging. A Phyto-Active Complex strengthens the formula to decongest and cool down the eye area.
3. Make a specific massage to reduce signs of fatigue e relax the eye area
4.Final touch the new mascara LE VOLUME STRETCH DE CHANEL A stretch formula and an applicator printed in 3D, which wraps, lengthens and separates the lashes. For an opening of the gaze and an unparalleled volume effect.



Even through the PC or mobile phone screen, the face can do the difference. For a fresh and radiant complexion and plumped skin: rely on perfecting skin treatments and brightness detectors.

1. Give your previously cleansed skin intense hydration with HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SERUM. The first camellia microspheres serum born from an exclusive and patented technology, derived from microfluidics, which allows you to create real spheres of active principle whose purity remains preserved until application. The microspheres melt on the skin and release a precious camellia extract, for lasting hydration and an intense plumping effect. Hydrated for 24 consecutive hours, the skin is full of water, turgid, smooth and shines with youth.
2. Apply the HYDRA BEAUTY CAMELLIA WATER CREAM brightness detector all over the face, increase the brightness and deeply moisturize the skin to perfectly reflect the light. An ultra moisturizing fluid cream, revealing brightness and rich in the active ingredients of white camellia, its formula revives the complexion giving the skin a natural brightness. The floral water of white camellia, with a light sensoriality, gives a unique freshness. Plumped up, uniformed and radiant, the skin is ready for make-up application.
3. Refresh the skin at any time with HYDRA BEAUTY ESSENCE MIST. A moisturizing and energizing mist that hydrates, protects and energizes the skin, at any time of the day. The active ingredient Camellia Alba PFA helps the skin to restore and preserve the optimal amount of water in the heart of the cells. Its ultra-thin consistency wraps the face in a veil of freshness

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