VALERY KOVALSKA: a story behind the sustainability Ethos

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VALERY KOVALSKA: a story behind the sustainability Ethos

A well balanced mix of urban and feminine.

Valery combines distinct designer level styling and old world construction with a modern, wearable, and often sporty ease. All of her fabrics are from top French and Italian mills; handmade laces, jacquards, silk and poplins, adorned with hand worked beading, embroidery, and original prints.

Valery’s design inspirations are:

– patterns, motion, and lines in nature

– the physical form and freedom of movement

– art, film, and music

– world cultures, current events, and global inclinations

– and the careful observation, inspiration, and evolution of elements from the work of her influential fashion predecessors

In 2016, the VALERY KOVALSKA brand made the conscious choice to discontinue the use of leather in the collection. Valery’s handcrafted, intricate leather pieces were the most ordered and sought after pieces in her collections. She knew that this was a risky business move but decided that the fashion industry was in the midst of an evolution of ethical perceptions and innovative new fabrics.

Valery is always striving to give her brand a strong voice where global consumption is concerned, so she wanted to see if she could adapt the unique leather techniques that she’d developed to the new natural fabrics available. It has been an exciting challenge for the brand team.

The idea of sustainable development has found a place in every aspect of the label; accurate and thoughtful use of resources, minimizing of waste, absence of production surplus, and the creation of high quality designer clothing that is made to last through many years of vigorous wear.

Conscious consumption has always been a concept that has troubled and motivated Valery, and it has now become an integral part of the VALERY KOVALSKA brand’s DNA and philosophy.

The risk is paying off. The brand’s grown has not slowed with its new directive.

Valery aspires to create non-traditional, future Cult classics, with quality that will stand the test of time and can be revisited and restyled by the women who own them for years to come no matter what the current trend.

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