Armani Beauty classics


Armani Beauty classics

The interpretations of the Rosso # 400 Armani

“When we created Rouge d’Armani # 400 we were looking for the perfect red, a pure red: not too orange and not too blue: a red that was good for everyone.”

Linda Cantello, International Make-up Artist Giorgio Armani Beauty


Lip Maestro # 400, intense and velvety color

The first truly bright lip color. Classic formulas have been reinvented for an impeccable matte finish that never dries. A brightness that amplifies the color, but does not mask it. A luxurious, velvety texture that slides on the lips for a 4-dimensional volume.

Rouge d’Armani Matte # 400, long-lasting comfort

Intense color, long-lasting, with comfort and an extraordinary matte finish thanks to a new and revolutionary formula. A process of micronized pigments allows a mat color that lasts throughout the day in one pass. Without compromising on comfort.

Lip Magnet # 400, second skin effect with a subtle texture

It binds to the skin with a long-lasting magnet effect, without displacements. First liquid color for lips, it offers an unprecedented concentration of color in the most subtle of textures.

Ecstasy Mirror # 400, brilliance and chromatic intensity

The new mirror lacquer that simultaneously offers shine, color and hold.

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