Piaget Sunlight – Rays of positive energy


Piaget Sunlight – Rays of positive energy

The motif of the sun is one of the strongest symbols of the Maison and is a representation of the "sunny side of life" philosophy which celebrates the sunny side of life.

Sunny Side of Life
Launched last year, Piaget Sunlight is the latest Piaget jewelry collection. The motif of the sun is one of the strongest symbols of the Maison and is a representation of the “sunny side of life” philosophy which celebrates the sunny side of life. Piaget Sunlight creations combine the warmth of gold with an aura of positive energy. Thanks to the offer of a whole series of different models and sizes, it is also possible to wear these creations one above the other and play with them affirming your own personal style with bold and contemporary design jewels that give a ray of light to any dress you wear.

The Sunlight collection shines thanks to new designs
This year sees the arrival of a new line of Piaget Sunlight creations that draw inspiration from the rays of the sun. Thanks to an extraordinary mobile setting technique, all creations present a fluid processing of diamonds that allows them to shine on the skin just like if they were sunbeams. The new Piaget Sunlight necklaces are offered in white or pink gold with 54 brilliant cut diamonds that radiate from the neck like beams of natural light (about 5 carats, G37R0600 & G37R0800) or rose gold with 26 brilliant cut diamonds (about 2.37 carats , G37R0700) or with seven brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.43 carat, G37R0500).

Then there are the Sunlight pink gold bracelet with seven brilliant cut diamonds (about 0.43 carats, G36R0800) and three different models of earrings with one part falling in front of the ear and the other part falling behind. All models can be worn in different ways with the longest part (the one that falls behind the ear) that can be removed to create an asymmetrical look. Offering different levels of color and brightness, the earrings are available in pink or white gold with 30 brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 2.78 carats, G38R3300 & G38R3100) or pink gold with eight brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.55 carats, G38R3000). It is also possible to complete the necklace with matching bracelet and earrings.

White Sun
Following on from the success of the rose gold creations presented last year, Piaget now presents white gold versions of the Sunlight pendant and earrings. These new creations include a small white gold pendant with 16 brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.14 carat, G33R1300) and a length of 39/42 cm and a new 22 mm pendant with snow-set diamond pavé, an exquisite technique which replicates the glint of the sun reflected on the snow (about 2.73 carats, G33L8G00). There are also new white gold earrings with studs on the front and bright sun rays hanging from behind the earlobe. It is possible to wear only the studs of the earrings, the studs in combination with the rear element or one and one to create an asymmetrical look and a bold style capable of bringing the energy of sunlight into the lives of women who choose this creation (G38R2900 ).

Colorful Sunshine
A new 15mm design dedicated to the sun is also presented with an exceptional green malachite in the center. Malachite, in all its forms, is a stone associated with balance, abundance and positive energy. The chain is in rose gold and has a length of 42/48 cm. This creation, which boasts 28 brilliant cut diamonds (about 0.18 carats), gives the wearer the energy of the Sun in the form of a magical and luminous jewel (G33R1400).

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