Louis Vuitton and the Art of the Game

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Louis Vuitton and the Art of the Game

The Louis Vuitton pool table and foosball table combine the Maison's know-how with long-standing love for all sports.

Louis Vuitton has accompanied travelers for over 150 years and designed trunks to carry their games. From travel cases for chess and backgammon, to poker and croquet trunks, the Maison’s collection of tailored games has expanded and evolved over the years, paying tribute to Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s passion for sport and games , grandson of the founder of the Maison.


Louis Vuitton is pleased to present its first pool table and its first foosball table, which complete the Maison’s exceptional collection of games, enclosing many traditional codes and retracing the vibrant history of Louis Vuitton.

The pool table, an ideal gift for all lovers of this discipline, is available in Monogram canvas, the motif designed by George Vuitton, son of the founder in 1896 as a tribute to his father, in Monogram Eclipse or in Damier Graphite. The pool table is also available in sophisticated Epi corrugated leather, in intense shades from cyan to fuchsia as well as in a two-tone version, navy blue and pistachio or caramel and white, in smooth leather. Faithful to the high craftsmanship of the Louis Vuitton trunks, the iconic canvases and the luxurious Louis Vuitton leathers cover the wooden structure of the pool table. The Maison’s ancestral savoir-faire also manifests itself in the table finishes, in every detail, such as the corners, covered in delicate natural leather and the edge embellished with several layers of dye strictly applied by hand. The metal rivets, hand-pressed and engraved with the Maison’s signature, finish the table. The table is completed with essential accessories such as the set of marbles with hand-painted numbers inside the Monogram flower, two slats in Monogram leather and canvas and a triangle in leather.

Available in many variations, the foosball table is available in the main emblematic canvases of the Maison, the Monogram, the Monogram Eclipse and the Damier Graphite, as well as in a rainbow of vibrant colors in Epi leather in cyan, pistachio, fuchsia shades, and finally in a two-tone variation in caramel and white smooth leather. The Epi leather with its wavy texture gives an innate elegance, while the playing field is in smooth leather. Faithful to the high craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton trunks, the wooden structure is covered in canvas or leather and each corner of the table is embellished with several layers of dye strictly applied by hand. The players, inspired by the “Bell Boy” of Louis Vuitton, the famous advertising character of the Maison from 1921, are hand-modeled in aluminum and, as further proof of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and tradition of customization, each player is meticulously hand-painted by expert craftsmen, in the team colors, to complete the personalized table in canvas or leather. As precious as a jewel, the surprising point counter boasts a hand-painted Monogram flower, giving even more satisfaction to the winning point!



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