forte_forte #LetsBloomTheWorld

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forte_forte #LetsBloomTheWorld

forte_forte joins forces with the non–profit organization Cesvi to fight the Covid–19 emergency in Italy.

From april 25th to may 10th, 50% of the proceeds of all sales made through the e-commerce site will be donated to the non–profit organization cesvi to fight the Covid–19 emergency in Italy. The charity initiative by forte_forte will help to fund projects to protect health workers and carers, provide home care services for people aged over 65, and offer psychological support to all those who have witnessed the horrors of Covid–19 at work, as well as their families.

We are facing an unprecedented situation on global scale and all of us at forte_forte believe that it is crucial to show that we are there for those on the front line, who have helped thousands of people.

By shopping on our website, you can play your part in the battle against the Covid–19 emergency in italy by backing hospitals and carers, supporting the staff on the front line, and offering help for the older members of society.

Since 2002, we have believed in the importance of authenticity built on lots of small, exquisite details. our quintessential italian spirit plays an indispensable role in everything we do, as do our sentimental, artisanal and traditional bonds with our homeland.

Our research revolves around a constant desire to create intimacy and dissolving the distance between the clothes and the person wearing them.

Cesvi is an italian humanitarian organization that works in 23 different countries and has a total of 52 offices outside italy. for more than 30 years, it has been working all over the world and striving to transform humanitarian aid into an opportunity to establish long–term projects that put the beneficiaries at the forefront and help their communities to drive their own development. cesvi is now involved in the struggle against Covid–19.

The aim behind the let’s bloom the world project is to enable the members of the forte_forte community to express themselves, share a positive message and fill people with strength and enthusiasm as they embark on a new approach to everyday life. every little gesture can have a great meaning, in the spirit of one mutual effort.

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