Y Eau Fraîche The coolest answer for the “why” man


Y Eau Fraîche The coolest answer for the “why” man

In 2020, Y will have a new cool inspiration with Y EAU FRAÎCHE.

Y EAU FRAÎCHE. The coolest answer for the “why” man. Y EAU FRAÎCHE expresses this energetic impulse of creativity with a burst of sparkling, icy notes – lemon and geranium together with peppermint, clear and clean, and cedar wood.

Adds a strong, energetic impact to the fragrance for men launched in 2017 by YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ for lovers of research and action of Generation Y. Making the first letter of the name of Yves Saint Laurent a real question , Y EAU DE TOILETTE has gone further by returning to the beginning of the brand’s history.


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