Piaget Possession – Turn for Extraordinary


Piaget Possession – Turn for Extraordinary

Today the Possession collection has grown to encompass colourful bracelets, earrings, and necklaces too...

Awakening the sense of touch
Since 1990, Piaget’s Possession collection has captivated women with its playful spinning elements that awaken the sense of touch. The story began with the Maison’s iconic Possession ring with its central band that could spin freely and its “half-moon” set diamond, enabling each owner to not only enjoy the beauty of the ring, but also to interact with it, by turning and twiddling it. These moving elements are a celebration of luck, happiness and success and encapsulate optimism and positive energy in their moving circular design. Today the Possession collection has grown to encompass colourful bracelets, earrings, and necklaces too, all with elements in motion to delight and amuse the wearer.

Just for you
This year sees the introduction of a new personalisation service where clients can customise the back of a Possession pendant into a lucky jewel. These delightful necklaces come in a choice of white or rose gold and feature a central cabochon-shaped motif that can flip within the pendant. One side of the motif is adorned with 45 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.48 ct. while the other side is blank for a personal engraving; such as a special date, lucky number, initials or symbol. The exterior motif also has diamonds on one side, offering different ways to wear the necklace.

The joy of spinning and sliding
New Possession Sliding Pendants are adorned with a fixed cabochon-shaped motif that is set with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.68 ct) circled by a diamond-set turning ring. A further animation allows the motif to be slid up and down the chain to make the necklace longer or shorter, providing a myriad of different ways in which the sliding pendant can be worn. The end of each chain is weighed down with elegant gold beads, two on one side and three on the other, bringing a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Play with your style
A new set of rose gold earrings joins the Possession collection this year, featuring rose gold beads that hang down below the ear and 28 diamonds (approx. 0.32 ct) set around each stud. They can be worn in several different ways: as studs only, together with the beads, and even in an asymmetrical way if desired.

Double the fun
The Possession bangle collection also expands this year with bigger, brighter creations, including a bangle that is entwined around the wrist in a sophisticated double tour with rose gold cabochons and diamond-paved turning bands at each end (30 brilliant-cut diamonds / 0.42 ct).

New ways to play
Several creations that were previously existing in rose gold are now available in white gold including the Piaget Possession Long Turning Pendant that is entirely paved with diamonds (203 brilliant-cut diamonds / approx. 2.63 ct), Possession paved hoop earrings that include a turning band (104 brilliant–cut diamonds / 0.57 ct), a Possession ring with one turning band (36 diamonds / 0.70 ct) and one diamond that is “half-moon” set, and a Possession ring with two turning brands — one of which carries larger-sized diamonds than the other — and has one “half-moon” set diamond (74 brilliant-cut diamonds / 1.33 ct).

A large rose gold Possession bangle is also new this year with two vivid Carnelian cabochons and two diamond-paved bands on each end (72 brilliant-cut diamonds / 1.71 ct).

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