Prada Linea Rossa SS20 campaign

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Prada Linea Rossa SS20 campaign

An enigmatic language this time, exclusive yet universal: Morse Code.

Prada Linea Rossa SS20 campaign

Reading between the lines. The Prada Linea Rossa Spring/Summer 2020 campaign adopts another line of communication, another symbolic connector. An enigmatic language this time, exclusive yet universal: Morse Code. The campaign converses with its audience knowingly yet undetected, with secret messages coded visually into every image. Morse Code communicates encoded messages via dots and dashes -punto and linea in Italian – used for highly confidential materials. Here, the hyper technical code is translated into an entirely new alphabet for the everyday, defined by a streamlined sequence of Linea Rossa. Inspiration is drawn from real life: these new characters are used to create real messages, used to speak a new language for and to the Linea Rossa community.

They underscore the images of, and thoughts and feelings behind, the Linea Rossa Spring/Summer 2020 campaign.
Simple yet complex, simultaneously hidden and highly visible, the Linea Rossa Code features over every image – an immediate visual tie to the graphic demarcation that defines the brand, but with a deeper meaning. Secret layers and messaging, of belonging to the Linea Rossa.
The images themselves are fragments of a larger whole, like pieces of a narrative – snapshots of Linea Rossa in life, united by the essential act of communication between people.
They highlight different means of dialogue, different lines of thought.

Translated, these Linea Rossa missives could be revelatory or contradictory, technical or factual – and every message can be deciphered by the audience. Like the clothes themselves, through the Linea Rossa Code, technical means define an alphabet, a vocabulary, a conversation between the brand and audience, communicating to all, fully understood by those who know.
Every Linea Rossa has a function, a significance. They mean something.

Creative Direction: Ferdinando Verderi
Photography: Timur Celikdag

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