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When the clothes are flat, the lines add a playful touch. When worn they help to create a strong and precise silhouette.

Using the A-POC * system, this series is inspired by the idea of ​​drawing the outlines of clothes with sharp and thick lines, before cutting along them. When the clothes are flat, the lines add a playful touch. When worn they help to create a strong and precise silhouette. *

A-POC (A Piece Of Cloth):

Technique that involves the use of computer programming to guide i movements of the individual yarns and produce different garments with a single fabric and a single process. shadowing The prints in this series were created with the “Decalcomania” technique 1 inspired by words Japanese onomatopoeias “goshi goshi 2” and “juwah 3”. Silk is treated to appear slightly bright thus enhancing the colors. The design combines a blouse and a one-piece jacket, giving the impression that two different garments are being worn instead.

1 Decal: it is a decorative technique through which shapes and prints can be transferred from one sheet of paper to another by applying pressure, creating prints and random shapes.

2 The sound and movement of spreading / spreading something.

3 The sound and movement of something that expands, infiltrates and mixes with something else.


Like several colored clays kneaded together, this series of yarns is made up of a variety of textures. Its three-dimensional shape is made possible by the different types of mesh for each block of color, giving the impression of a patchwork. In reality they are woven together, in a single block.


This series of colored upholstery is transformed with interchangeable pieces through simple zips. Made in extra-fine nylon yarn, the garments are light and comfortable while maintaining a voluminous silhouette. There variety of shapes and colors allows numerous combinations.


The printing of this series is inspired by the touch of the hands that knead the clay before touching and giving shape to the head. The fabric is a combination of wool and paper which gives the garments a primitive appearance.


These dresses evoke the delicate and sparkling light of a mysterious northern lights. The print on the fabric thin and translucent represents the falling snow softly covering the vegetation already waiting for sprout.


Made with a seamless spinning technique, the series suggests the idea of ​​connecting people with people, people with the world, and people with the future, with clothes made in a sweater continuous and playful. Additional openings allow you to wear the garments in different ways.

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