Interview: Stefano Tordiglione

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Interview: Stefano Tordiglione


What connects the Neapolitan DNA of an eclectic Italian architect with the essential culture of the east of the world?

We deepened our research by speaking with Stefano Tordiglione. With more than 130 projects completed including Brooks Brothers Fashion Boutiques, Wellendorff Jewellery Boutique, Genesis Creative Working Space, Sal Curioso Spanish Restaurant, etc. Numerous private luxury estates have been designed in Hong Kong, China, Austria, Italy and France, the italian designer makes versatility its winning weapon

orn in Naples in 1965, Stefano Tordiglione moved to New York and London to study and work in art and design in the 1990s. He immediately came into contact with a dynamic and cosmopolitan reality distinguished by professionalism and innate artistic spirit. He founded Stefano Tordiglione Design in 2010, a leading international interior and architectural projects across Europe and Asia. Stefano oversees the creative direction of the studio, conceiving bespoke design solution for each client. Stefano’s main office is based in Hong Kong. It also works in partnership with architectural and interior design studios in Italy, including Rome, Milan and Florence. He has collaborated with UNICEF as Project Manager and Art Director in Italy.

To achieve best quality of design, we draw from these three core values: Creativity, Trust and Flexibility.” told us Stefano Tordiglione. “We are committed to providing intelligent, elegant design that responds to the needs of the clients. Our studio provides multi-disciplinary professional interior design and architectural services in these area: Retail, Hospitality, Office, Residential, Architecture, Products, Graphic + Packaging, Art direction, project management and design consultancy service. ”

We were intrigued by your having designed many retail spaces in Hong Kong. How many differences have you noticed compared to the western approach?

The clients in this part of the world are very keen in finding the best solution in terms of practicality. They want to have this to be translated into aesthetically approachable and welcoming spaces. The main difference is how they work and buy, at a much faster pace. The flow must be regulated by creative visions that help to embrace both the needs together with a personal and unique aesthetic outcome.

Today that the world of retail after years of suffering compared to the digital offer is experiencing a moment of rebirth what are your golden rules for the perfect shop?

Identity is the magic word.
The customers need to walk in a space, virtual online or real, where the identity is so strong that they immediately feel the belonging. This is where brands need to find the truth of their roots and come out as strong and unique. This is the basic rule.
And the second one is to be bold. No fear of experimenting and not to be afraid of being different. The success is when you become a trend setter, not a trend follower.

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