Stella McCartney “We Are the Weather”


Stella McCartney “We Are the Weather”

The “We Are the Weather” collection is animated by a spirit of commitment and provocation with positive and moving tones.

Stella McCartney launches the Capsule Collection “We Are the Weather”, which takes its name from the book of the same name on climate change, signed by the essayist and environmentalist Jonathan Safran Foer. The “We Are the Weather” collection, which is part of the Spring 2020 collection, is animated by a spirit of commitment and provocation with positive and moving tones.
Launching a provocative message of commitment, the prints of the collection present poetic phrases taken from Jonathan’s novel such as “We are totally free to live differently”, which enrich ready-to-wear garments, knitwear and accessories for both women and men. The sun-shaped graphic illustrations create a New Age look with a young and cult charm. Ribbons embroidered with handwritten messages add a touch of refinement, embellishing the elegant Savile Row tailoring. In line with Stella’s constant commitment to respect the environment, only sustainable fabrics are used in the collection: organic cotton, hemp, organic linen and regenerated cashmere.

Stella McCartney


Organic cotton is cotton grown (for at least three years) without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering. The production of organic cotton implies the efficient use of water, the ban on harmful chemicals, the respect and restoration of soil conditions and the adaptation to high social and working standards for farmers.


Flax is a resistant natural fiber obtained from the flax plant, which can be grown and processed without chemicals, if it is grown organically. It can also be grown on marginal land not suitable for the production of food crops.


Our regenerated cashmere comes from pre-consumer textile excesses, ie excesses created during the production process. These excesses are sorted, mechanically recycled and transformed into a beautiful yarn regenerated in Italy.

“We are the Weather” is part of Stella McCartney’s Spring 2020 collections and is available in Stella McCartney stores, on the e-commerce website and in selected wholesalers all over the world

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