Laura Aparicio SS 2020


Laura Aparicio SS 2020

A collection full of freshness, color and geometry.

Laura Aparicio SS 2020

Bogotà designer Laura Aparicio returns to Milan to present her S / S 2020, which in her collections combines a creativity made in Colombia – but very far from the usual clichés – with full Made in Italy. Retracing the steps of her own personal history, in a travel diary that initially takes us to a new Colombia. The collection revolves around the soft line of the ORCHID ( Colombian National Flower) designed by his father painter Jaime Aparicio. A graphic and pure line that stiffens into pinstripes, in cottons and silks adding a two dimension twist. A collection full of freshness, color and geometry.

Asymmetrical dresses, contrasting inserts, panels and drawstrings, expand the volumes and allow you to play with the silhouettes and the fit. Bomber jackets and coulottes, Saharans and straight skirts with applications of three-dimensional pockets, tops, fit & flare dresses and fresh shirtdresses, for a collection consisting of day to night passepartout pieces, with a strongly cosmopolitan vocation and impeccable façon. Overall, the characteristic feature of the Aparicio style remains tailoring diluted in its classicism by the modernity of metal accessories.

The entire collection revolves around the soft line of an orchid, a national flower, but has nothing ethnic in it.

Jaime Aparicio, artist and father of Laura, summarizes the graphic profile in a pure line that stiffens in the pinstripes, built by multiplying simple modules in two dimensions. Pure fabrics and knitwear: 100% silk and cotton coexist with blends of fringes, checks and men’s classics.

The use of the fishing net redesigned in extra luxury yarns, simple or dubbed in contrast, expresses the best of the chic and seductive effect in the effect of the see and not see, dialoguing perfectly with the rigor of the cuts. The almost unrecognizable, intellectual and not at all didactic references to Colombian art, crafts and nature they transform into design details. The sashes tighten in geometric belts that underline the waistline, the traditional interior decor tassels lengthen in the floating dresses with unusual camouflage and the auspicious native pregnancy ribbon curls sleeves and necklines. Metallic flashes and vegetable ivory. The new bijoux from the large family collection are contrasted with Tagua walnut necklaces and bracelets. Seed mini bags in woven corn fiber complete the outfits. In the color palette, the colors alternate in the prints and in everything that is not united. The classic marinière: navy blue, red, white and bright yellow, are muted by light blue, gray and touches of olive green.

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