Sportmax Pre-Fall 2020: A sailor in the city


Sportmax Pre-Fall 2020: A sailor in the city

Clean lines, structured materials in the essence and fluids to the touch.

Like a long-time captain who leads the boat in the open sea following a precise route, the Sportmax Pre-Fall 2020 collection goes in search of total freedom of movement, thanks to expert tailoring constructions. The clothes are for the city, yet they carry within themselves the lapping spell of the waves. And they continue the circumnavigation of style started with Spring-Summer 2020.
Clean lines, structured materials in the essence and fluids to the touch. Colors that draw on the marine references of blue, white, red, marrying the metropolitan elegance of black and beige. These are the cornerstones of the season, at times enlivened by neo-romantic accents, as if they were the airy crest that disrupts the water on the bow of a boat.

The silhouettes are close to the figure, with references to the slim imagery of the 1960s and even when the proportions get longer, they maintain a composed harmony. While the sleeves explore new volumes, enhanced also by lacing that creates asymmetries on the head.

The protagonists are the suits, which reinterpret the universe of the suit with a contemporary spirit, which has always been a firm point of Sportmax, experimenting, for example, a knitted variant with eco-leather inserts for the most jacket-to-dress combination. Or defining a new balance between the elongated blazer and the short skirt. Or again, the ensemble where the three / quarter waistcoat accompanies the trousers. To counterbalance there are also the trench coat, the perfect fil rouge between the typical ideas of the brand’s DNA, with models in the mini version, or in leather, without sleeves and with 3⁄4.

Sophisticated blouses resting on ultra clean denim trousers or skirts.

And the clothes, animated by an alternation of smooth and decorated surfaces, as well as by the fluidity of the silk, finished with ribbed knit.
Among the accessories, the Corto Maltese hat gives the flavor of adventures in distant seas. The glasses give a futuristic and gritty accent and the silver shoes play down the mood.

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