Dior Christmas Collection Happy 2020


Dior Christmas Collection Happy 2020

The purpose is only one: to feel beautiful and ... To overturn traditions.

Celebrate 2020 by revealing all your beauty. Don’t be afraid to show off a full-color make-up and a cool style.
To celebrate the most magical time of the year, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-Up Peter Philips created the vibrant collection “Happy 2020” inspired by a fireworks show.
In perfect harmony with the spirit of the season, the brightest and most glittering gold shades are combined with fuchsia, greens and yellows in evening looks born to be noticed.
The purpose is only one: to feel beautiful and … To overturn traditions. “2020 is a special number, a magnificent year that the Dior House intends to celebrate with a hypnotic collection like fireworks,” said Peter Philips.

The 5 Couleurs Happy 2020 palette, dedicated to the end of the year festivities, is the ideal ally for a winter full of sparkling colors enclosed within an exclusive edition1. The unmistakable imprinted design recreates the magical effect of a firework that explodes in a colorful Happy 2020 declined in two chromatic harmonies designed to celebrate the holidays.
As the name suggests, “Party in Colors” underlines the charm of gold with four festive and vibrant nuances that allow you to achieve high-impact looks. Without being afraid of exaggerating!
Incarnation of a glamorous and sophisticated style, “Celebrate in Gold” combines golden shades with shades of gray and black to play with smoky effects and evening glows giving life to a Christmas never seen before.

Surprisingly simple and incredibly effective, the Diorshow Liquid Mono Happy 2020 series enhances the look with vibrant and slightly sparkling shades. His secret? A liquid texture that seems to evaporate, leaving only the color behind. Usable in eyeliner or color-block version, it gives an extra dose of glitter to the 5 Couleurs Happy 2020 palette.
There are four collectible nuances:
• A real party star, Silver Flakes makes the eye magnetic regardless of the color of the iris.
• A mixture of lavender and pearly rose, Fireworks turns the eyelids into a starry sky full of charm.
• With its timeless and original appeal, Gold Twinkle is as lively as the bubbles of a glass of champagne.
• The ultra-feminine copper pink of Copper Sparks brings to mind the most precious jewels

Admire the precious metal and the brightness of the lipstick: fully dressed, Diorific Happy 2020 sports a sparkling design that cannot help but take center stage. The four sophisticated shades challenge any convention: the romantic purple of Dream, the generous rosewood of Delight, the delicate nude orange of Charm and the bright red of Passion.

Rouge Dior Collection Couture is a limited edition set that shines like a firework. Gently open the case to discover the legendary lipstick adorned with an exclusive sequined band and five refills in best-selling shades made unique by the sticks engraved with the Dior logo. Choose the version that best suits your mood: the iconic 999 red, the impeccable Red Smile, the satin-finish Promenade brown, the exuberant pink of Feel Good or the Classic Matte rosewood.

The final touch of this make-up dedicated to the celebrations is Diorific Vernis, the ideal nail polish to enhance colors and emotions: a sweet but mischievous pearly shade, a striking violet and a flaming red femme fatale. Finally, the fireworks themed top coat with multicolor glitter will allow you to start the year in the best way: wear it alone or with enamel to leave everyone speechless.


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