An invitation to travel: CHANEL Cruise collection 2019/20

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An invitation to travel: CHANEL Cruise collection 2019/20

The Cruise collection will be available from November 15th in the CHANEL boutiques.

Caroline de Maigret, Soo Joo Park, Tami Williams, Ola Rudnicka and Amanda Sanchez are the heroines of a mysterious back-and-forth through the Gare de Lyon: five promises of a magical odyssey on the banks of CHANEL style.

They embody the grace of journeys, one that ends or one that begins; the one we missed or the one we fantasise about. These silhouettes in continuous motion challenge the ones who see them to follow them. The spectrum of colours, from green to mauve, differentiates them, their timeless elegance brings them together. In a few flashes, the CHANEL woman appears in all her singularity.

A long jacket in pink tweed, a hooded trench coat belted at the waist, a blue suit with a large white bow bursting forth and a top enhanced with a big ruffled organdie collar, choreograph the thousand and one movements of these adventurers. Sculpted in jersey leggings or double-button trousers reminiscent of work uniforms, their legs lead them unrestrainedly along the paths of escape. The curve of the foot is highlighted by pointed slingback pumps or two-tone booties with conical heels. One carries a CHANEL 19 bag in quilted jersey on her arm, another the CHANEL 31 in faded denim. Whatever the chosen design, in tweed or in patent leather, all are imbued with an elegance to better keep the secrets. The art of detail is expressed in the jewellery – hoop or pendant earrings in metal set with strass – binding their itinerant dreams. These eternally feminine figures elude and magnetize. At the crossroads of worlds, carried by tradition yet facing the future, they are the women of tomorrow.

Inspired by travelling, the CHANEL 2019/20 Cruise collection focuses on a silhouette in motion, powerful and yet delicate. Comfort, functionality and elegant simplicity form the basis of this allure that nothing can hold back. And to accessorise it, Virginie Viard has imagined a shoe that shakes up the lines of a great CHANEL classic: the two-tone pump.

Fastened with a strap, perched on a 7cm or 9cm conical heel with a pointed toe, this patent leather pump comes in various two-tone colour combinations with black as the common denominator. The blue, pink, red and purple all add a touch of pop to this shoe which also exists as a bootie. Their form and carefully studied duo of colours respond to each silhouette of the collection, imbuing them with a modern allure and distinct elegance, from morning through to evening.
As a discreet signature, the white lacquered double C is positioned just below the ankle.
Extremely comfortable, this new pump fits the foot perfectly. The stability of its heel speaks of a long-distance journey, to come and go as one pleases, in complete freedom.

Gabrielle Chanel used to say of shoes: “they are the height of elegance.” With this pump, Virginie Viard revisits CHANEL’s emblematic two-tone shoe and reaffirms the vision of its founder.


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