Piaget is embracing the holiday season by celebrating the ART OF GOLD

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Piaget is embracing the holiday season by celebrating the ART OF GOLD

The Maison’s skilled artisans utilise gold’s supreme adaptability, transforming it into DARING CREATIONS

Piaget is embracing the holiday season by celebrating the ART OF GOLD. Gold is a pillar of the Maison’s expertise that combines TRADITION AND INNOVATION into a pioneering approach. Piaget’s distinctive relationship with this precious metal is lovingly cultivated within the walls of the IN-HOUSE ATELIERS. The Maison truly reveres gold as an art form and is one of the very few to have a gold foundry. The Maison’s skilled artisans utilise gold’s supreme adaptability, transforming it into DARING CREATIONS. Piaget goldsmiths tirelessly perfect techniques developed in the 1960s and 1970s to reveal the warmth and radiance of the king of materials. Such masters of gold possess a rare set of UNMATCHED SKILLS that have been PRESERVED AND PERPETUATED by Piaget for over 60 years.

Gold remains at the heart of every Piaget creation. From braids, fringe and ribbons to engraved or stamped motifs, each piece is crafted from a single strand of gold in the Maison’s “Les Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire”. Piaget has curated a selection of alluring creations that make for remarkable gifts during this festive time of year.


Possession is embodied by the collection’s signature spinning ring feature. Symbolising happiness in motion, the captivating and playful movement of the turning rings is an open invitation to turn the wheel of destiny, offering a boundless realm of possibilities. Turning the ring with a simple gesture, however discreet, is a captivating and playful moment.

The Possession rings celebrate a playful elegance, exemplified by the fully paved style in 18K pink gold with two turning bands. The open rings and bangles from the same collection similarly capture a lively spirit in its twisted design and double cabochons, each with turning bands. Available in both pink and white gold, the open rings and bangles express the dazzling artistry of Piaget’s gold and diamonds.

This dynamic energy continues through the Possession necklace, created as an expression of luck, happiness and love. Featuring two halves of a sphere, one paved with diamonds and the other in smooth rose gold, united by a turning ring to form an exceptional pendant, this necklace is designed to be worn long on a single chain or short with a double chain.

Honouring the Art of Gold, Piaget’s Sunlight collection draws inspiration from the radiance of the Sun. As one of the Maison’s most important motifs, the Sun is the ultimate symbol of gold craftsmanship and encompasses the spirit of Piaget. The Sun lends its distinctive shape to necklaces and earrings that radiate both stylistically and literally.

The Sunlight pendant in rose gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds is a symbol of brightness, embodied by the effervescence of its sunbeams intensified by white diamonds. The earrings from the same set feature layered rose gold triangles with bright diamonds that hang playfully from a stud – mirroring the Sun’s impressive rays. The Sunlight earrings can be worn either as a sophisticated diamond stud or as a full radial display. Lastly, the Sunlight ring in rose gold features brilliant-cut diamonds that dazzle with the reflection of light. The triangular sunrays on either side of the ring present a captivating display of iridescence, as a beautiful reminder to its receiver to enjoy Piaget’s Sunny Side of Life.




Chic yet bold, the Piaget Extremely Lady watch is the epitome of Piaget’s mastery of delicate gold work. Inspired by haute couture techniques, the watch features a “Palace Decor” bracelet formed by a multitude of assembled links to create a golden fabric with unparalleled delicacy and iridescence. This exclusive Piaget technique involves artisans manually hand-engraving the gold to give it a raw, silk-like effect, totalling almost 8 man-hours of work. 24 diamonds illuminate this jewellery watch whose oval dial is crafted from natural carnelian – a detail that Piaget has pioneered since the 1960s. Embracing its bold spirit of creativity, Piaget introduced the first hard stone dial in 1963 marking a new era where time is now told in colour. From gems and ornamental stones to mother-of-pearl and coral, this exceptional palette of colours has long been part of the Maison’s DNA.

Drawing from the fanciful spirit of the 1960s, the Limelight Gala watch is a whimsical combination of arts, design and jewellery. Brilliant, vibrant and seductive, the watch’s asymmetric curves and precious gem-setting on an 18K white gold case imbue a retro-contemporary refinement. A new open-worked style of gem-setting is seen on the bezel and lugs, allowing larger stones to appear as if they are invisibly held together rather than set in gold. As one of Piaget’s most iconic designs, the Limelight Gala watch honours the very essence of the Maison and embodies absolute femininity. The Limelight Stella watch makes a special gift. Its refined moon-phase is the first complication dedicated to women in the Piaget range. The beauty of this masterpiece lies in its delicate details, including the diamond-hemmed opening of the moon phase, the seconds hand adorned with a star, and the delicate diamond-paved and aventurine glass dial. The Limelight Stella watch features elegant lines within a combination of two shapes: a round 18K white gold case with an oval opening.


The Altiplano Ultimate Automatic watch is the pinnacle of Piaget’s pursuit of pioneering excellence as a record-holder for its extreme thinness. Featuring a pink gold case of merely 4.30mm, this watch is the epitome of technical excellence and reaffirms the Maison’s position as the ultimate masters of ultra-thin watchmaking. The origins of the Altiplano collection dates back to 1957 when Piaget launched its original 9P ultra-thin movement, marking the beginning of a constant quest for infinite horological thinness. The Altiplano Ultimate Automatic watch’s unique design showcases a black off-centre dial and a case back that serves as the plate to which 219 components are affixed. This elevated design with elegant and refined lines renders this watch the ultimate expression of luxury.

The Piaget Polo watch in rose gold and diamonds lends itself to any occasion. Exuding a distinct casual elegance, it sports a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a 42mm gold case as distinctive celebration of the art of gold and light. Throughout its 40-year history, the one feature of the Polo watch that has remained constant is its relevance to the modern era. Its shape-in-shape design features a round case with a cusion-shaped dial opening, showcasing a precise balance of sharp lines and soft curves. The Piaget Polo watch is finished with a pop of colour with its rich blue alligator strap for a sporty yet elegant look.

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