All you have to know about Chanel Chance Audition

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All you have to know about Chanel Chance Audition


Jean-Paul Goude, acclaimed image maker, has woven with CHANEL an exceptional relationship of collaboration that has lasted for many years, creating masterpieces that remain in the memory and history of advertising. These and other works, some of them unpublished, which tell the story of Goude’s creative work and his numerous experiences, are collected in the exhibition “In Goude we Trust!” Which will be held at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan from November 15th to December 31st. His collaboration with CHANEL he began in 1990 with the spot of the masculine fragrance Égoïste, since then he has been involved in the realization of various campaigns up to the advertising film created this year for CHANCE Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum. For this fragrance Jean-Paul Goude has chosen to represent a dance audition, working in collaboration with the American choreographer Ryan Heffington. The result is what Goude calls a short film: a small ballad comedy depicting a frantic vortex of dancers performing coordinated and choreographic movements, transmitting the spirit of the fragrance in the most imperceptible gestures.

After a first edition in Japan in April 2019, during the exhibition period, CHANEL will be the promoter of a new edition of the CHANEL CHANCE AUDITION dance competition. A real dance audition, open to all “professional and non-professional” dance lovers, will reproduce the allegorical world of the advertising film CHANCE, created by Jean-Paul Goude. The event will take place in Milan at Palazzo Giureconsulti for 4 days, from 20 to 23 November, and will be open to a number of 500 participants.

The first 500 who will be able to register on the site will enter the
Jean-Paul Goude, for the nomination of the winners of the dance competition, will make use of the collaboration of the famous American choreographer Ryan Heffington. Born in California and based in Los Angeles, Ryan Heffington was nominated for a Grammy Award for the choreography of the clips We exist by Arcad Fire and Chandelier by Sia, for which he won a VMA award.
The four winners will live an incredible and exclusive CHANEL experience in Paris and will have the chance to pose in front of the lens of Jean-Paul Goude: TAKE YOUR CHANCE!
Auditions: from 20 November to 22 November.
Semi-final & final: November 23rd.


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