Bella Hadid reveals her mischievous side for Dior Makeup with Rouge Dior for Halloween


Bella Hadid reveals her mischievous side for Dior Makeup with Rouge Dior for Halloween

A spellbinding make-up look in tribute to the most emblematic House of Dior colour.

This Halloween, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Make-up, audaciously celebrates Red, “the colour of life” according to Mr Christian Dior, and creates a captivating make-up look that is both chic and enigmatic. Embodied by the intriguing Bella Hadid, the fiery shade is revealed through the vibrant and cheeky story of a man and a woman, oscillating hypnotically between their disquieting impulses.

With a sharp scream and a stolen kiss, a dangerous passion imbued with dark malice and Hitchcockian tension is captured by photographer Richard Burbridge. With ardent lips dressed in striking red, glittering eyelids heightened with elegant eyeliner, and a velvet complexion sporting a vivid blush, Bella Hadid is transformed into a mesmerizing femme fatale in a series of short films of breath-taking suspense. Her hair is up, her nails are polished, sophisticatedly heightening Peter Philips’ fascinating make-up. “Like a heartbeat, red means Love, red means Passion, and red means Anger,” emphasizes the Creative and Image Director for Dior Make-Up.

A dark guest at this cinematic ode, the young man Ludwig Wildsdorff displays his own air of mystery and a ravishing smile marked by a bright red imprint. Now coaxing, now disquieting, he reveals a different, quivering and powerful facet of Rouge Dior, by appropriating this look in a resolutely audacious register. The haunting intensity of this rebelliously ambivalent make-up continues to captivate you throughout this bewitching night.

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